Do you know what is the HVAC system? As its name, HVAC system is a system of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. It used to manage the temperature of the room. It is also familiar as climate control, because we can manage the temperature of the room as well as we expected.

Actually, HVAC is not limited to use in a building, but also related to the use of equipment in order to maintain the temperature, setting the temperature, humidity, and air movement. So, the answer of the question of what is the HVAC system, is that HVAC is a such system that provide fresh air, heating, cooling, humidity management, and air movement.

What is the HVAC system based on its function?

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What is the HVAC System

After knowing the definition, now lets turn to know the function. Based on its function, HVAC is functions as temperature management, humidity management, smoke control, and keeping the air pressure.

Still in what is the HVAC system question. You can also answer that question by explaining how HVAC is work.  This is the explanation: the air which has been cooled and being filtered, go into room by duct. There, besides being cooled, it also bring dirt which produce in the room. because some air still cold then it is being returned to HVAC system and being circulated again.

Then, just for the information that HVAC system is divided into three types, those are Split AC and AC Window, Package heating and Air Conditioning, and Central AC System. Each system has different function with different process. Some of them running faster but some others serving better. Effectively, each system more effective in some situation. This explanation is also can be used as the answer of what is the HVAC system.

What is the aimed of HVAC system?

Furthermore, you can also give the explanation of what is the HVAC system by explaining the aim of HVAC System. HVAC system is aimed to:

  1. Make people comfort

In this case, HVAC System can provide comfortability for people, although the condition outside does not support it. The reason is because HVAC system can control the temperature of the room

  1. Improve productivity

It is very useful for the worker to do the job. If they do the job in comfortable situation, then it can help them to produce a good result of working

  1. Keep building and equipment long last

As mentioned before, that HVAC system can manage humidity in the room. it is important also to maintain equipment there

  1. Keeping healthy and cleanness

It can not be worried that HVAC system can keep our healthy. It is because HVAC system can manage humidity, manage the oxigen, and throw bad smell in our room.

That is the explanantion about HVAC System. If there is question what is the HVAC system? You can answer it freely. It means that you can answer based on the definition, function, how its work, etc.

Furthermore, besides what has being explained above, you can find information related to HVAC System to improve your knowledge about it. Then, now have you find the answer of what is the HVAC system?

What Is The Hvac System

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