What is HVAC Maintenance Which Save Your HVAC System?

37.-what-is-hvac-maintenance WHAT IS HVAC MAINTENANCE

What is HVAC Maintenance

Talking about what is HVAC maintenance for your HVAC system is most crucial thing for every house. What is HVAC maintenance? HVAC maintenance is an effort to keep the HVAC system is running well. HVAC maintenance are consist of air conditioner maintenance, heat pump or gas furnace maintenance, ductless systems maintenance, air handlers maintenance, air quality maintenance and clean or change filter.

If you are wondering what is HVAC maintenance and how much is important for you, just think that every electronic system needs maintenance. After install HVAC system, you have to keep the system works properly. You can consult with HVAC company which is related to the maintenance. It suggest you simple tips to maintain your system. At least, it warns you some points you need to pay attention to the system.

What Is HVAC Maintenance.

What is HVAC maintenance in general? It can be start from checking your system to know how dirty is your filter. You have to arrange the schedule of maintenance. Ask for a help to HVAC company to do HVAC maintenance. Prepare the system before extreme seasons. For minimum every year clean the ductwork system to deliver and remove air. Points below will help you understand what is HVAC maintenance.

  1. What is HVAC maintenance in air conditioner?

Hot air pass through the evaporator coil, it changes hot air into cold air. You can clean regularly the evaporator. Yet, if you are not comfortable to clean it, a professional technician can do it as regular maintenance. Besides that, take care of surrounding in your air conditioner area.

  1. What is HVAC maintenance in gas furnace and heat pump?

If natural gas available in your house, you may use gas furnace. You have to check regularly whether there is leakage of gas. Recognize from the smell and strange sound over there. Those are to prevent the gas furnace is burning. After the furnace system cool down, you can open the furnace and clean the dust using vacuum cleaner. For difficult area which vacuum cannot reach, use damp cloth.

If you do not have any access to natural gas, you can use heat pump. Either gas furnace or heat pump need to change the filter regularly every month or depends the needs. Usually outdoor coil looks dirty, you can clean it a bit. Let your outdoor unit is free from debris.

  1. What is HVAC maintenance in air quality?

Humidifiers are installed to maintain the humidity of the air during winter or summer. You can clean the evaporator of humidifiers with water and vinegar solution with comparison 1:3. At least every year, replace the pad of evaporator. Usually HVAC technician tells you whether your humidifier works properly or not.

For ventilator, change the filter regularly every three months. If you do not have a time you can change at least every nine months. You can clean the filter with vacuum cleaner, it is easier to do. Also, you can rinse the filter with water and let it dry by itself.

What Is HVAC Maintenance

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