Definition on What is an HVAC System

An air system or familiar with name HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air conditioning) is a process of air management which include the process of heating, cooling, humidifying, dehumifying, cleaning, ventilating, and air movement. The function of HVAC System is keeping temperature in certain environment. Although like that, there are many people who do not know  what is an HVAC system actually. For that, let’s break one by one about the definition of HVAC system.

What is an HVAC system definitions?

As mentioned above, HAVC is the abbreviation of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning. We can know the answer for what is an HVAC system by breaking them as follows:

  1. Heating

As its name, heating is function to make the environment to be heat. It is usually used in some certain area which usually dominated by cold temperature. The composition of this system is consist of some elements including boiler, furnace, heat pump, radiator, and hydronic.

Each unit has its own function which can not be separated each other. Each of them are very important in order to make the system well function. The process are like this, furnace is function as heating source which being transfered to hydronic in boiler. Then, it moves to radiator to move the heat.

Then, this heat is used to heating the room. That is the answer of what is an HVAC system in heating unit.

  1. Ventilating

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what is an HVAC System

Ventilating is the process of circulating the air in the room in order to remove the dust, humidity, and unhealthy air. On the other hand, ventilating is the process of regenerating oxygen in the room to be fresh again. You can imagine if there is no ventilation in the room. Everytime we are inhaling dirty air which is not good for our heatlh. Up to here, we know two defintion on what is an HVAC system.

Still in ventilation, there are two types of ventilation, those are forced ventilation and natural ventilation.  Forced ventilation is usually used in big industry. However, it can be used also at home like in the kitchen or bathroom. In the kitchen, it is usually used to suck the smokes, while in the bathroom it is usually used to throw bad smell there. To run the process, the forced ventilation is usually need fan in order to circulate the air in the room.

Meanwhile, natural ventilation is usually installed in open window in certain room. different with forced ventilation, natural ventilation does not need fan to circulate the air. so how? Up to here, do you get the point on what is an HVAC system?

  1. Air conditioning

The last is AC (Air Conditioning). If you asked by question of what is an HVAC system, most of you maybe can explain it well. Because AC is very close in our environment and most of us know well what is the function. AC (Air conditioning) is used to cool the room. It used cooling principle which consist of refrigerant, compressor, heat exchanger, and valve expantion.

Oke, thats all about what is an HVAC system. If there is a question of what is an HVAC system? You can briefly answer as well as describe above.

What Is An Hvac System

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