What is a HVAC System? An Air System Named HVAC

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What is a HVAC System

Do you know what is a HVAC System? Based on its abbreviation, HVAC has the meaning of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning. It is well known also as climate control, because people can control the temperature in a certain room as well as they want. As its name, that HVAC system has three major points to make comfort and enjoyable situation. For that, the main used of HVAC is maintaining the air, managing the temperature, managing the humidity and air.

For that, we can conclude the answer of the question what is a HVAC System by the following answer: HVAC sytem is the system that providing fresh air, heating, cooling, and humidity and air management. So now, do you get the point on the description for the question of what is a HVAC System?

What is a HVAC System Function?

What is a HVAC System based on its function? as mentioned above, that HVAC System has three major using those are Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning. HVAC system is used to manage the temperature, manage the humidity, providing smoke control, and keeping the air pressure.

   Besides that, HVAC system is also very vital used in pharmacy world. So, what is a HVAC System function in world of pharmacy? In pharmacy, HVAC system is used to many functions, those are:

  1. To reins the the temperatureThe use of HVAC System in pharmacy is keeping the product of pharmacy (drug) is in stable condition. It is because some drugs is very sensitive for some uncertain condition. So, the use of HVAC sytem here is keeping the sensitive product on moving temperature.
  1. To reins the humidityAs well as the temperature. It is function also as the sensitive pharmacy product keeping toward humidity.
  1. Keeping the room cleannesHVAC System is provide cleannes by filtering such system which used to filter the air as well as the prerepuisite.
  2. To avoid contamination of the product
  3. For reins the microba accretion
  4. To avoid product contamination because of the environment
  5. For keep personal healthy condition

What is a HVAC System Component?

Those are the answer on what is a HVAC System based on its function on pharmacy world. And now, lets turn to the general components on HVAC system. There are at least ten components which usually used in HVAC System. Those components include of the following bellows:

  • Outdoor section

It used to change the air outside to inside the room.

  • Indoor section

It used to process the air inside the room.

It used to remove the heat from lower to higher temperature.

  • Blower

Such fan which used to flow the air.

  • Filter

It is a fiber matter which used to filter the dust.

  • Indoor coil

Such device to transfer heat to cool.

  • Humidifier

A device to used to improve humidity.

  • Thermostat

A device to manage the temperature system.

Close room to air channel.

  • Supplemental electric heater

Electric heater enumerator.

Thats all about HVAC Sytem. Now, what is a HVAC System question has been answer. Then, could you please explain what is a HVAC System to others?

What Is a HVAC System

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