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5 Points of General Knowledge about What’s HVAC


What’s HVAC

What’s HVAC stands for? It stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. If you live in country which has summer and winter season, you may need HVAC. HVAC will help you to get comfortable air and temperature during summer and winter. Cold air with low temperature leads to hypothermia. Likewise, hot air with high temperature will be very frustrating.

Before deciding to install HVAC in your house, you need to have enough knowledge of it. It helps you to understand well about HVAC. What’s HVAC general knowledge which you need to know? These are five points of general knowledge.

General Points About What’s HVAC

  1. What’s HVAC system

For heating system, the thermostat will detect the temperature inside house. Knowing that the temperature outside house usually is colder than inside house, the heating system will work on it. Heating system will convert the cold hair from outside house into warm air. It will deliver the warm air to every part in the house using air duct.

Likewise for air conditioning system, it will convert hot air from outside into cold air. It will deliver the cold air using air duct to every part in the house. Also, it can waste the hot air inside house to outside house. HVAC system will automatically work from thermostat. However, you can set the certain temperature based on your needs.

For ventilation system, it will maintain air quality inside house. It will waste poor air quality which contains dust and bacteria. You will get good air quality inside house to prevent allergic from air.

  1. What’s HVAC company

HVAC company is working in giving services to customers. Also, it sells several products of HVAC. For example, if a customer wants to install HVAC in his house, he will contact the company. HVAC company will offer the types of HVAC installation. A customer can hires HVAC contractor based on company’s recommendation. Also, it can offer the suitable products for HVAC installation.

  1. What’s HVAC contractors

HVAC contractors work for projects of HVAC system. Generally, they work under company or independent but have relation with HVAC company. HVAC contractors should have certified technicians to do any HVAC projects. For example, in HVAC installation, technicians from HVAC contractors will come to your house to check the house and discuss the project.

  1. What’s HVAC services

HVAC services consist of installation, repair and maintenance of HVAC system. For example, in heating installation, you can choose gas furnace if you have access of natural gas in your house. If there is no access to natural gas, you can choose heat pumps. For air conditioning, you can choose central air conditioning which has suitable size for your house.

  1. What’s HVAC products

HVAC company usually sells various types of HVAC products. Nowadays, HVAC technology is advanced. You can control your HVAC system using your smartphone. It is possible to control the system even though you are not at home. It helps you to save more energy. So that, you will not pay more bills every month.

What’s HVAC

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