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The Working Principle of HVAC Systems


HVAC Systems

HVAC is an abbreviation of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning. Therefore, HVAC systems are a conditioning air process which includes the process of heating, cooling, humidifying, dehumidifying, cleaning, ventilating, and also air movement. By thus process, the systems of HVAC is sometimes also called by an air controlled system.

All of those functions are working each other. It is because it will determine temperature, and air humidity inside the building, and also providing fumes control, the air pressure inside the building, and providing a fresh air there. For that, to know well about HVAC systems, bellows are the information for you:

Principle of HVAC Systems


This system usually used in many countries which has a cold temperature. HVAC systems are compiled by some important elements like a boiler, furnace, heat pump, radiator, and hydronic.


Ventilating is a process of circulating the air inside with outside the room, which used to remove the dust, humidity, bad smell, carbon dioxide, heat, bacteria of the air, and also to regenerate the fresh air inside the room.
Generally, there are two types of ventilating in HVAC systems, those are forced ventilation and natural ventilation. Forced ventilation usually use a big fan to circulate the air, while natural ventilation does not use it anymore. It is usually performing as a window, which let being opened in a certain room.
For the function, forced ventilation is usually used in the big company, or at home like in the kitchen or bathroom. In the kitchen, it is usually used to suck the smoke from the stove, while in the bathroom used to throw the bad smell around the room.

Air conditioning

Most of the people know well about this unit. We can easily find this HVAC systems in some building like office, home, industrial, etc. It is usually used to make the room for being cool, although the temperature outside is high. This unit is consist of some important parts of refrigerant, compressor, heat exchanger, and also expansion valve.

The used of HVAC in the world of pharmacy

HVAC systems are very vital used in the world of pharmacy, the functions of HVAC there, such as:

  • To reins the temperature
  • To reins the humidity
  • Keep the environment from always being clean
  • To avoid contamination
  • To reins microbe accretion
  • Keep the personal healthy


The HVAC systems usually consist of some following units:

  • Evaporator (is used as heat absorption when the process of evaporation)
  • Blower (is a fan to drain off of the air)
  • Filter (is used to filter the air, so it will become clean)
  • Duct (is an air drain from the room to indoor unit)

The purpose

The purpose of HVAC systems is providing a system as well as the rule of CPOB in order to fulfill the need of product protection and the process is in accordance with the GEP requirement, just like reliability, treatment, continuity, flexibility, and safety.

Well, HVAC systems are nowadays used in many purposed, but it is usually very vital used in the world of pharmacy. There, it used to avoid production of the drug from the danger of contamination, keep the environment from always being clean, and the others.


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