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The Important of HVAC System in Pharmacy


HVAC System

An air system or familiar with the name of AHU (Air Handling Unit) or HVAC system (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) is a system that designed to control temperature in a certain environment. HVAC System is also named by climate control because its function as controlling temperature in a room.

By this system, we can control the temperature, keep cleaness, heating, humidity, and air movement as well as we want. By using this kind of system also, we can comfortable to stay in a room although the weather of the outside room does not support well.

HVAC System Fucntions

There are many functions of HVAC System. In general, Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning System is function to control and manage the temperature of the room. Especially in pharmacy, this system is very important to:

  1. Manage the temperature

Temperature is very vital to the drug. It is protecting the drug from the changing temperature aroung it

  1. Manage the humidity

Same with temperature, humidity is important to be managed also. It also avoid the drug being damaged because of inappropriate humidity in the room

  1. Keep cleanness

As we know that world of pharmacy need the cleannes to keep the drug not being contaminaated by dirt. As mentioned above, that the function of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning System is keeping cleaness, this system will always change the dirt air, then change it with new one and fresher.

  1. Avoid contaminating on the drug.
  2. Managing the growth of the microba.
  3. Keep environment contamination.
  4. Keep personal healthy.

HVAC System Components Detailed

Furthermore, the general components in HVAC System including outdoor section, indoor section, heat pump, blower, filter, indoor coil, plenum, damper, humidifier, thermostat, and supplemental electric heater. Each components is very important for the system, therefore, belows are the explanations on each elements:

  1. Outdoor section: This one of HVAC part which function as air changing outside the room.
  2. Indoor section: This is HVAC part which used to process the air inside the room.
  3. Heat pump: This is HVAC part which used to remove the heat from lower to higher place.
  4. Blower: Part to stream the air.
  5. Indoor coil: Part to transfer the heat to heater or cooler air.
  6. Filter: Fiber matter to filter solid particle like dust.
  7. Damper: Gate on the duct to control the air stream.
  8. Humidifier: Such device that function to improve humidity in a room.
  9. Thermosthat Device to manage temperature.
  10. supplemental electric heater: electrict heater enumerator.

Therefore, the working system on HVAC System are as follows:

  1. The air which has been cooled and being filtered enter to the duct.
  2. Then, it will being cool and bring dirt air outside the room.
  3. The air being recirculate.

In pharmacy world, the use of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning System is very vital. Besides it used to control the temperature of the room, but it is very important also to the existance of the drug. So, by using Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning System, the drug will be protect because it will avoid from the changing temperature and humidity that can damage the drug, thats all about HVAC System that you can read as the reference.

HVAC System

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