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You Should Now! DIY Air Conditioning Services

17.-air-conditioning-services-1 AIR CONDITIONING SERVICES

Air Conditioning Services

AC is something that become part of human life. Although like that, if there are some problems on it, not everyone can repair by theirself. People usually call the expert to fix it. But it does not mean that we are as common people can not repair it by ourselves.

We only need to know and try to find something wrong in it. Then after that, try to find solution for it. For that, by air conditioning services by self, it mean that we try to be creative and of course economize our daily expenses.

The Time you Need Air Conditioning Services

For information, there are many factors affecting trouble on air conditioner. Just the common problems like AC is on but not cold and indoor AC is on, but outdoor no. For that, we must know what factor made our AC must be serviced. After knowing the cause, then we know what should we do in DIY air conditioning services.

To make you easier in understanding what should you do, so bellows are the tips in DIY air conditioning services:

Ac Is “On” Position But Not Cold

  1. AC need to be serviced

First thing that you should do in DIY air conditioning services, is checking the appearance of your AC. Check wether your AC full of dirty or not. You can check it for both of AC indoor and outdoor. If there are many dirt there, then you can clean it up until it is free of dust. Actually, you can do air conditioning services once in a week to clean the filter.

There, you should open the top indoor cover, then put the filter, and after that wash it by using detergent. Do not forget to dried it up before installation.

  1. Less freon

If you see that your AC appearance is good (free of dust), then the second steps on DIY air conditioning services is by checking the freon. See wether the freon pressure is maintained or completed. If it still maintained, it means that it is no problem, because it only less freon. But if no, maybe your AC committed problem of leak. For that, the solution is only one, that is fill it until it is up.

 Ac Indoor Is “On”, But Outdoor No

  1. Check the mode on remote control

The first thing that you sould do for DIY air conditioning services here is making sure that mode on your remote control is in (*) or cool position. Because if it is in dry, it mean that it only to turn on the fan.

  1. Check the AC thermistor in indoor unit

If you have make sure that the remote is on cool position but the AC keep not cold, then the next step on DIY air conditioning services is checking the AC thermistor.

  1. Check the outdoor capasitor

The problem on capasitior is signed by appearing bump on the top of capasitor. Those are some problems that usually happend on Air Conditioner. Some tips on air conditioning services can be reference for you to services your own AC by yourself.

Air Conditioning Services

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