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How Much Is The Cost Of AC Service For Your House?

AC service contains of AC installation, AC repair and AC maintenance. Each of AC service has various cost depends on the difficulties of the project. Also choose an air conditioning company affect the cost. AC service is very useful since global warming happened. It helps you to get cool air during heat temperature outside house.

However, every household has its own budget. Also, it has different priority of AC service. You have to know which AC service you really need at this time. You can choose AC installation cost based on your financial. And you may wonder how much is the cost for each AC service for your house? read the points below.

How Much Is Ac Installation Cost In AC Service?

08.-ac-service COST OF AC SERVICE

AC Service

You need to know which AC units which suits for your home size. Bigger units exactly will cool the house faster than smaller one. But then, it also will turn on and off to detect the temperature. One it turns on, it will use more energy. The smaller AC unit also isn’t good idea since it needs to work harder and use more energy to keep running. Consult with expert before decide which unit you need.

AC contractor affects the cost. Big contractor will charge higher AC service cost. At least, choose contractor who has licensed and certified technician. Your contractor will help you to consider the energy efficiency ratio (EER) and seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER).

For minimize the budget, you have consider the brand of AC units. As famous as the brand, will spend more cost, just choose the right brand for your house as long as it is standard and durable. You don’t have to buy expensive brand, if you find nice brand with reasonable price.

How Much Is Ac Repair Cost In AC Service?

Lowest cost of AC repair is $75. Highest cost of AC repair is $1,100. Most of customers spend $163 – $520. The damage of AC units affects the service cost. However, the damage of AC units affects the service cost. The more difficult of AC units, the more you spend the service cost.

There are several common AC repair. If any leakage the refrigerant, it will spend around $225-$1600 and recharge the refrigerant is $160-$400. If there is any short circuit, it needs to replace the fuses. It spends $15-$300. For A/C compressor usually spend $100-$250.

The replacements of components spend various costs. The replacement of circuit board is $120-$600, thermostat is $60-$250, capacitor or contactor is $90-$400, condensate pump is $90-$250, condensing unit fan motor is $100-$300, evaporator coil is $650-$1200 and home air compressor is $1350-$1800 based on size and type.

How Much Is Ac Maintenance Cost In AC Service?

For households who call technician for one time, they will pay around $70 – $100 for the maintenance. Nevertheless, if household want to use the AC maintenance every year, they will spend around $150.

AC Service

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