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Three Common Problems of Car AC and How to AC Repair it

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AC Repair

One of the forms of comfort when people was in the car is due to the supportive weather there, like by taking the advantage of using car AC. But unfortunately, it is not always being good in every situation. Sometime it is appair some problems so it distrurb you to enjoy driving in your car.

The problems on AC is not cold is every often happend. While the owner often do not know what is the cause. Whereas, the car AC is very important to use, especially in the afternoon when it is hot in hot condition. So, soon after that they need to call the expert of AC repair to fix thats problem.

Actually, there are some tips before calling the expert for having AC repair. In this case, you can check it first to make sure what problems was actually committed. If it is easy, so you do not need to call the expert to fix your AC.

So it means that you are economize your budget to the the other needed. Thus, it is better to you to check the components of AC whenever it is not going to cold.

Tips On AC Repair That You Can Do By Yourself

There are some common problems and the tips on AC repair that you can do by yourself:

  1. AC was in “on” condition but it is not going to cold

This problem is very often to happen. If you are committed problem like this, so there are some possibilities of the cause why it is happen, like compressor’s problem, fuse, gaged on filter dryer, and evaporator. If the problems is on compressor (old) so you can replace it with a new one.

You can also check on the use of the fuse. If there is a leak on the refrigerant, so you can fix the leak location. Besides that, the simple way on AC repair you can clean the dirty on the evaporator.

  1. Car AC is less cold

If it is happen in your car, the possibilies problems are usually liquifier, thermostat, condensor, and evaporator. Those components are usually committed a leak. So, the first tips that you can do for AC repair is checking on the thermosthat in its stelat whenever it still well function or not. Then, check also in its condenser whenever its cover by dirt or not.

  1. Malfunction of condenser fan

If the condenser fan does not well function, it will allow your car AC being not cold. So, the first tips on AC repair here is checking of the fuse, cable, electric blower connector socket cable. In this case, you must check it one by one. Then, if you found that those parts were being worn out so you can replace it with the new one.

Thats all, some common problems on car AC that usually happend. You can learn from other experiences like this and do AC repair by yourself, so you have no need to be tired to call the expert to fix it. You can also economize your budget because you can do an AC repair by your self and save your money to the other needed.

Start from now, lets being smart and creative to face problems close with our life.

AC Repair

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