Amana HVAC – Amana Portable Air Condition

By Jaroslaw A


Amana HVAC

As we are living in a comfort zone of technological advances, people are used to having too much demand from manufacturers to invent equipments that could add convenience into their daily survival. Our society has been adapting these changes that brought us positive impact into our well being. This does not only limit us from computers, cellular phones and mobile transportation. But most essentially on appliances such as an air conditioner in particular.

We cannot imagine having a temperature of 40 to 50 degrees Celsius just like places of Saudi Arabia, Iraq or Dubai. It would surely create chaos from citizens who wants cool environment. Humidity makes us feeling uneasy and is difficult to work as sweating could exhaust our energy. This could only resolves from using air conditioner. Appliance brands are flooding in stores competing each other in sales. They have a unique campaign ad that claims them to be number 1. But no could be failed in purchasing a product from Amana HVAC.

Today, portable air conditioner is the preference of many customers in home and in office as it is mobile and could be moved from one room to another aside from the fact that it doesn’t need to break a wall to place the unit. This brand has proven its quality based on awards received since it enters the industry.

3 Models of Amana HVAC

There were 3 models of Amana HVAC – Amana portable air conditioning which includes the 7,000 BTU – AP077R unit that could cool and dehumidify an area of 160 square feet. It has remote control with six settings and exhaust kit that allows to self evaporate. The 9,000 BTU – AP095R unit has 3 cooling settings and 3 fan speed that could accommodate an area of 400 square feet and has a 12 hour timer. The higher quality is the 12,000 BTU unit that can dehumidify the total house area as it has the power to perform with better cooling effect. Each type model is different in prices but the highest rate does not exceed $700.

Amana HVAC

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The History of Trane HVAC

By Martin Applebaum


Trane HVAC

Trane HVAC are amongst the world’s best air conditioners since decades. As their slogan goes, “it’s hard to stop a Trane”. These air conditioners work on innovative technology that only provides cool air but clean air with its patented technology. No matter, whether you call it a revolution or breakthrough but Trane calls it an essential new element to your home’s comfort system.

They also claim that using their Trane Clean Effects technology in every Trane HVAC air filtration has reached to the next level. Studies prove that their air filtration system can remove up to 99.98% of the particles from your filtered air in the room.

Before we further discuss about different Trane HVAC and their features, let us trace back history a little to know when this company was started and who did it. Well, story began with a legendry man called Reuben Trane, the founder, who patented his first air conditioning system in 1931.

The story continues even as of today when they are hundreds and even thousands of different air conditioner manufacturers. That is because every central air conditioning unit and air conditioner they make features the durability and reliability. Actually, these features are the true hallmarks of every Trane product. That is because; they are products of mechanical and electrical experts who work tirelessly to produce the best-quality Trane HVAC system.

Trane HVAC – Incidents Of Units Smoking

Today’s air conditioners are more comfortable and efficient then ever. Irrespective of the size of your home, whenever you need cool, comfortable, cleaner air. Every Trane HVAC possesses tons of added features and qualities to maximize its efficiency and performance in almost every working condition. One of these special add-ons is called Comfort-R. Actually, Comfort-R decreases temperature variances by working in two ways i.e. by enhancing airflow and effectively controlling humidity in cooling and produces warmer air during start-up of XL19i Weathertron Heat Pump. With all its benefits and significant features. It is practically no wonder why Trane’s XL19i won Best Buy in the Premium Category of Consumers’ Digest.

As a commitment to provide high quality and reliable products, Trane recalled approx. 10,580 air conditioners after incidents of units smoking in November 2006. The firm in cooperation with the CPSC voluntarily conducted the following product safety recall. The recall included 208, 230 and 265-volt models of the Trane PTEE and PTHE Series Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs).

The main hazard was related to the heating element on these commercially installed units could become displaced and, if it contacts metal, could short circuit. If the electric heater on one of those units short-circuits. Wiring problems on 265-volt models could allow the unit to remain energized while the unit’s fan is turned off. Causing it to overheat and smoke.

Trane HVAC

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Knowing When It Is Time for Home AC Repair

By Lora Davis

40.-Home-AC-Repair-300x150 HOME AC REPAIR

Home AC Repair

There are several signs that can indicate to a homeowner that it is time to have their home AC repair. One definite sign is your electric bills continue to increase as the summer progresses. If your air conditioning is not operating at its optimal performance this is what could happen. If your air conditioner constantly turns on and off, is clogged, or leaks fluids. Then it is overworking in order to get the same results as it would when it was new.

When the air conditioner is overworked you will see the electric bills start to increase. It may only be a few dollars at first but everytime it could go up to as more dollars higher. You should first check your filter and clean it. If this does not seem to help then you should call a repairman to check it out and make repairs. Home AC repair will help prevent having to buy a new one.

Right Time To Home AC Repair

If you have had air conditioning system for a long time it may be time to get a new one. As they get older the less efficient they become, even if you keep up with the maintenance. One way to know if your air conditioning system needs to be replaced instead of repaired again is to use the five thousand rule. To use this rule you take the age of the air conditioner and multiply it by the cost of the most recent or current repair. If the answer you get is more than five thousand dollars you should seriously consider replacing it.

An example of the rule is if you have a ten year old air conditioning system and it is going to cost three hundred dollars to repair that would equal to three thousand dollars so it would be okay to repair your system. It is recommended by Energy Star that if your system is older than ten years old you should consider replacing it with one that is more energy-efficient.

If your air conditioning system is frequently breaking down or you find yourself calling for twenty-four hour emergency repairs then you should consider replacement. There are several benefits to replacing and upgrading your system. You should see instant savings on your electrical bills along with air quality in your home that is much improved. Yes, it is a big expense but worth it with all the benefits and less home AC repair.

Home AC Repair

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Heating Services For the Home Or Workplace

By Cris Smith

39.-Heating-Service HEATING SERVICE

Heating Service

Charleston mostly experiences mild winters. However, there does come a time in the course of the winter season when the need for some sort of heating service is felt in even the warmest of homes, once the tepid days of the summer are finished. Heating device in a cozy corner of the living room or the meeting room becomes as a necessity. Naturally, the downside with small heating devices is that in severe cold, laziness can creep in and huddling around a small heating device can be exhausting. For workplaces especially, the reliable, long-term alternative is to arrange for a centralized heating system which can accommodate a constant temperature in the winter. For workplaces, the need for a centralized heating system is naturally greater. Many Charleston heating services are available that can provide for such a facility.

A central heating system provides warmth to the whole of a building, normally from one point to all other rooms. From an energy-efficiency viewpoint, a lot of heat can get lost through central heating and so for small buildings and homes, centralized heating is excessive. With newer buildings, architects tend to design with the concept of central heating and central air conditioning in mind.

knowledge of the specific type of heating service

Several Charleston HVAC systems provide this service at affordable costs. However, knowledge of the specific type of heating service that is relevant to the building at hand may be necessary. Boilers, pumps and radiators fall under this category. Usually, HVAC companies will allow for buying equipment from an arbitrarily chosen brand by the client. If you already have heating equipment installed. Most HVAC companies will repair or reset it for you according to your requirements.

The choice of the type of heating service depends on many factors including the best combination of comfort and lower utility bill. The most common form of choices for Charleston heating consumers are the gas central furnaces or the dual fuel heat pumps since they employ natural gas as the main form of fuel. Natural gas is the easiest available fuel in most Charleston neighborhoods.

Even though Charleston experiences mild winters, heating services are still necessary as most citizens will identify. On the basis of several climate case studies in the US. This means that the average home would require slightly more heating than cooling. Therefore, to identify proper Charleston air filtering, conditioning and heating service providers is absolutely necessary. However, it can be confusing for the unsuspecting clients to figure out all the details by themselves.

Heating Service

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Save on HVAC Supply Parts and Grow Your HVAC Business

By Sammi Jewell


HVAC Supply

If you’re working hard to build your HVAC business, you are no stranger to cost cutting. Less money spent wherever possible means you’re that much closer to realizing a profit and being able to grow your business. Whether you want to take on additional workers, invest in new vehicles or equipment, or do some local marketing, you won’t have the funds to do anything if you don’t-well, have the funds. One place to save is by shopping around for HVAC supply parts you need. Whether you want quality Trane or Lennox parts, you’ll want the lowest prices possible…and more.

More of what?

You may be wondering what more you’d need beside cheap prices on your HVAC supply parts. While the bottom dollar is the bottom line, other factors can affect your expenses too.

For example, let’s say you find super low prices on Lennox air conditioners and you place an order for a customer. A week later, you’re still waiting to deliver on your promise to rescue your customer from the heat wave and there’s no new unit in sight. So, reliable, quick shipping matters, right? If your customer jumps ship and gets help from someone else, you lose out on more than just a few bucks. You lose the profit from that job plus other business you lose when your customer’s family members and friends don’t call your business for HVAC help.

Another scenario: You order a heater pump and some other Lennox parts. Everything is delivered on time. You arrive at your customer’s house to make the repair as promised and the heater pump isn’t functional. This isn’t going to fly. Businesses that want to thrive can’t afford faulty parts, and risk business and their reputation. It just can’t happen, right?

Scoping out a Supplier

So, how to find the best supplier for the Lennox parts and other items you need? It’s easy to shop online, though not quite as easy to know if the provider is reliable. One good approach may be to contact the dealer directly before you buy. Ask to speak to someone in charge and let them know that you are interested in forging a mutually beneficial business partnership. This will help you get a feel for the business approach and let you know what kind of response you can expect down the road should you order HVAC parts from them.

It makes sense to take the time to read everything on the site about shipping, returns, exchanges and business credit. Some sites also feature testimonials and FAQs. Look for evidence of any kind, from troubleshooting guides to quote forms. That let you know that this company is willing to go above and beyond to get and keep your business.

HVAC Supply

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What Is HVAC Maintenance – Take Care of What Keeps You Comfortable

 By Matthew Eddington

37.-What-Is-HVAC-Maintenance-217x300 WHAT IS HVAC MAINTENANCE

What Is HVAC Maintenance

The system that heats and cools your home is often a forgettable part of our lives. We expect them to always work and keep us at a comfortable temperature all year round, no matter what the outside temperature. However all homeowners need to remember to be a part of up keeping this helpful system. As replacement or repair costs greatly outweigh the cost of a little regular maintenance.

The best way to think about maintaining your HVAC system is the same way you think about your car. Through scheduled maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotations your car will ultimately live a much longer life. If you ignore the thousands of interconnecting parts by forgetting maintenance issues your car will lead a devastatingly short life. The same will be true to your HVAC system. The costs of proper maintenance will be much less than the cost of a replacement.

Important to Know Some Basics What Is HVAC Maintenance

Whether or not you have the know-how or technical knowledge to perform some maintenance yourself it is important to know some basics that a typical system check-up should include. The first is an examination of your thermostat to ensure that it is a model that not only provides great efficiency but also provides options, such as a programmable model. Secondly, all electrical connections should be tight and in good repair.

Improper connections or frayed wiring is not a safe way to run your system. The lubrication of mechanical parts is also important, as a smooth running motor that has minimal friction will decrease electricity usage and increase efficiency. Lastly, check to make sure that the unit responds properly to the commands of the thermostat. And is not sluggish in starting or stopping. As always if you are not sure how to examine any of these issues. Be sure to consult your owners’ manual or a licensed professional for help.

Mechanical and Technical Steps HVAC Maintenance

Even if these more mechanical and technical steps seem over your head there is one form on maintenance that every homeowner can participate in and is by far the most simple: filter replacement. A properly sized and chosen filter is imperative not only for the life of your system but also for the air quality of your home. The ability of a filter to remove allergens, airborne irritants, and microorganisms is an important step to improving health, air quality, and the efficiency of your system. ASHRAE (The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers) has implemented an efficiency rating to most HVAC air filters called a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (or MERV), and as a rule of thumb a rating of 11 or higher is recommended.

The proper and regular maintenance of your heating, cooling, or ventilating system can save you money as well as time; so it is every homeowner’s responsibility to care for their individual system in order to create a less stressful environment. Be sure to consult your local certified repair company so you can get the most current. Up to date information about how to effectively extend the life of your system and consequently save you money.

What Is HVAC Maintenance

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Preventive HVAC Maintenance

 By Lora Davis


HVAC Maintenance

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems will usually require preventive maintenance in order to keep the systems working properly. Skilled technicians are the ones that do the preventive HVAC maintenance on the larger units that are used in office buildings, hospitals, factories, and schools. For simple repair jobs and maintenance on home air conditioning or heating units can usually be performed by technicians that have little experience or knowledge with HVAC systems.

There are some large buildings like hospitals and manufacturing plants that keep a skilled HVAC technician as a full-or part time employee to make emergency repairs and to do preventive HVAC maintenance. Most skilled technicians have a detailed knowledge of every aspect of the HVAC system. This includes the interior of mechanical engines and the function and structure of air vents. They can consult the system’s blueprints and operation manuals to help with maintenance jobs.

In preventive HVAC maintenance the first step will usually involve cleaning the exterior and interior of the unit thoroughly. The performance of the system will be improved significantly when the debris and dirt is removed from the vents, fans, and other parts. It will also help to prevent pieces from becoming clogged. The technician will also check the different internal parts of the electrical system and engine for wear.

preventive HVAC maintenance

The technician will test the system to make sure that it is running smoothly and quietly. Some HVAC systems. Will need to be checked every few weeks or months to make sure that everything is ok, if it is a system that is not regularly used or is a new system. May only need preventive HVAC maintenance one or two times a year.

If the heating and cooling in your home is uneven and hard to regulate, cheap, but imperfect  duct and register booster fans may help. If your house has notoriously cold spots during winter, or uncomfortably warm rooms in summer. Even when your HVAC is working fine the culprit may be your ductwork. Twists and turns in ducts, along with long spans of ductwork, conspire to restrict air flow. While some parts of your house seem cozy. Cthers may suffer from a lack of heated or cooled air from your HVAC system.

If you have a HVAC system installed in your home they may have a technician perform any detailed maintenance jobs. But for simple preventative HVAC maintenance a homeowner can do the tasks themselves using basic tools. The system’s operation manual will usually have detailed instructions on how to maintain the system.

HVAC Maintenance

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The Difference Between HVAC Certification and HVAC License

By Lorn H.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technicians are skilled tradespersons that install heating and cooling systems. Additionally, they maintain and repair the system when problems arise. This may be in a residential setting or for commercial facilities. Those who work for a retailer are often responsible for selling service contracts to clients.

Types of Certification


HVAC Certification

Becoming HVAC certified will depend on the type of certification that you desire and the training that you have achieved. Since many people work in the field under a licensed HVAC person, they may have some experience before taking classes. Those who have over a year of experience in installation and at least 2 years in maintenance will have a wider choice when it comes to the type of HVAC certification they choose.

This is required for admittance to most accredited HVAC training programs. These programs offer classes in the installation and repair of HVAC as well as reading blueprints, temperature control, construction and equipment design. The programs are available at various schools and colleges as well as online.

The programs are generally from six months to two years and depending on the length of the course, upon successful completion, the student will receive a certificate or an associate’s degree. There are also opportunities available for those who join the Armed Forces to receive specialized training in the HVAC field.


After completing the training program successfully, earning a certification or a degree, sitting for the HVAC licensing exam will be required by most states to work in this field. The licensing exam will differ somewhat from one location to another. The main consideration is the knowledge of all the aspects of installation and repair of HVAC systems. In addition, some licensing exams require the applicant to know electrical codes.

This includes high and low-pressure refrigerants and servicing small appliances. When this career is chosen at an early age, usually while in high school, it is beneficial to take classes that can help in preparing the student for the classes they will take next. The basic recommendations are mathematics, physics, electronics and mechanical drawing.

The qualifications to apply for a license as an HVAC contractor include being at least 18 years of age, speaking and reading the English language and four years of verifiable experience in warm heating. If the applicant meets these qualifications, they must take an ICC examination. The International Code Council (ICC) develops these exams and they are in charge of giving them for many states. As seen, the HVAC career is quite diverse. It can include various aspects of this profession, each having their own requirements and licenses.

HVAC Certification

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How to Make Sure You Are Getting A Quality HVAC Installation

By Jill Dretzka

34.-HVAC-Installation-300x225 HVAC INSTALLATION

HVAC Installation

Many homeowners don’t realize this, but the most important factor into your new HVAC installation isn’t the brand, but it is WHO installs your system. We are going to talk today about quality installation. The right contractor can install a system that when installed properly can significantly reduce your bills.

ENERGY STAR has come up with their Quality Installation Guidelines. These are based on the Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s (ACCA) HVAC quality installation specification. They created these “best practices” to help ensure that every system is installed properly however some contractors do what’s best for them instead of what’s best for you. It is important to make sure you are working with a quality contractor and a quality installation team.

The top 4 best practices that are outlined in the guidelines are :

  • Correctly sized to meet your home’s needs
  • Connect to a well-sealed duct system
  • Operate with sufficient airflow in the system
  • Install with the proper amount of refrigerant

The quality of your installation is so important because estimated savings with a quality installation is 18% to 36% for air conditioners and heat pumps and 11% to 18% for furnaces.

Let’s dive deeper into 4 best practices for a quality HVAC installation :

Proper Sizing of Equipment

Installing the right size equipment for your home is essential to getting the best performance for your heating and cooling equipment and maintaining the comfort you deserve. Oversized equipment may cycle on and off more frequently, which can make the home less comfortable and shorten the equipment life.

Sealing Ducts

Ducts circulate air from the furnace, central air conditioner or heat pump throughout the house. Often ducts have damage or poor connections that leak the hot or cold air and waste a lot of energy. Sealing ducts can greatly improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

Optimizing Air Flow

To operate well, a heating or cooling system needs to have the proper volume of air flow, If air flow is too high or too low, it may make the home less comfortable and increase your home or business utility bills. The right contractor can install a system that when installed properly can significantly reduce your bills. The quality of your installation is so important because estimated savings with a quality installation is 18% to 36% for air conditioners and heat pumps and 11% to 18% for furnaces.

Proper Refrigerant Charge (Central Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps Only)

It is important for an air conditioner or heat pump to have the correct amount of refrigerant, or correct refrigerant charge. An improperly charged system may consume more energy and provide less dehumidification.

HVAC Installation

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What to Look for in a Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor

By Curtis Moore

33.-Air-Conditioning-Contractors AIR CONDITIONING CONTRACTORS

Air Conditioning Contractors

Most of us couldn’t imagine what life would be like without our heating and air conditioning units. This is especially true during the worst of summer and winter when temperatures can make life practically unbearable if you don’t have the help of an air conditioning or heating unit working to make things comfortable. That’s why, if yours suffers any problems or you simply need to have it inspected, you don’t want to waste any time or money on heating and air conditioning contractors who won’t do the best job possible. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to make this process a simple one.

Ask Around

This is probably the easiest way to get a short list of excellent heating and air conditioning contractors in your area. Whether you need heating or air conditioning installation, repairs or inspections, no advertisement is better than someone you trust reporting that they had a good experience with the professional they used.

Go Online

If you don’t know enough people who have used heating and air conditioning contractors, you’re far from out of luck. Go online and take advantage of the countless review sites out there. Obviously, you don’t know the people leaving the reviews, so take each with a grain of salt.

Ensure They’re Licensed

The necessary credentials will differ by state. But every serviceman who wants to work on your HVAC unit has to be certified and licensed to work. For one thing, it doesn’t say much for their professionalism if they won’t even take the time to get the proper credentials necessary to work legally. However, it may also reflect that they’re out of the loop in terms of best practices in the industry.

Confirm They Know Your Make and Model

Finding the right heating or air conditioning service means asking about which makes and models a serviceman has experience with. Just like not all mechanics are experienced with working on certain cars, many repairmen simply may not know the type of HVAC system you rely on. go with those who have trained on and/or worked on your specific type of unit.

Always Get Estimates

get a quote before allowing anyone to work on your unit or install one for you. Preferably, you want it in writing so there’s no confusion later.

Furthermore, when you want heating or air conditioning installation, a serviceman will generally visit your home to take a look at what the process will entail prior to providing you a quote. you should expect the same kind of service when you simply want heating or air conditioning service on a preexisting unit. Until they see your unit, don’t take any quotes seriously.

Don’t put off repairs, inspections or installation a minute longer. Using the above advice, get the contractor you need today.

Air Conditioning Contractors

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