3 Mistakes Which Disappoint the Customers in HVAC Services

25.-hvac-services-1 3 MISTAKES IN HVAC SERVICES

HVAC Services

HVAC services are related to heating, ventilation and air conditioning services system. Start from install the furnace and air conditioner, install the ductwork, and repair the problems in furnace and air conditioner until routine maintenance. Smart consumers are very selective to choose HVAC company which can handle their wants. They will choose HVAC company which has good HVAC services.

HVAC services are identity of HVAC company. They are differentiator from one HVAC company to other company. Even though they look like the same, during the services definitely will be seen.

As HVAC company, if you want to put your company become the leading company, it starts from your services. Unfortunately, most HVAC companies do not notice the mistakes they make. Here are 3 mistakes which disappoint the customers in HVAC services!

  1. Bad work ethic in HVAC services

Bad work ethic can be various cases. First case is customer service. Customer service is also part of HVAC services. From customer service, customers will know well about HVAC services which you offer.

You should never hired the customer service who is temperament and not knowledgeable. He or she may be leaving the bad impression to customers. Your customers may be canceling their order just because of unfriendly customer service.

Second case is technician. Your customers will be shock if they find your technician swear at your house or say any bad words during working. Also, if he smokes inside your house or during work time. Your customers will feel annoy with those attitudes. Even though you have certified technician with high competency but he does not have good attitude, it stakes your reputation.

  1. No written agreement in HVAC services

Written agreement is very crucial between HVAC company and customers. Written agreement contains dealing which related to HVAC system which both of you makes. It can be about installation and repairment. Before assign the agreement. Your customers explain their ideas and you help them to realize their ideas with capability of your company.

Without having written agreement between both of you, it will impact for both. For example, whether you or customers break the deal in the middle. There is no anything which can be responsible for this. Verbal agreement is temporary. Yet, written agreement can be accountable.

  1. HVAC services are over the deadline

Every work needs time management and high discipline. Your customers will be very satisfied you can finish before or right the deadline with the good result. In the opposite, they are disappointed if you work over the deadline. For this disadvantage, the customers will not trust you anymore and suggest others not using your HVAC services.

Work over the deadline will add more cost and time. Your customers will complain your credibility. You should estimate the time before working. Tell the customers before assign the contract. Whether in the middle, there are possibilities of working over the deadline, because several reasons. Also, tell how many days you need to extend the contract. It should be written in agreement.

HVAC Services

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