How to Be Good HVAC Service for Customers in Your Place?

Are you HVAC service? Did you ever receive any complaints from your customers? You might be thinking that your HVAC service is good enough. However your mind is not always the same like your customer’s mind.

Criteria which make you good in giving HVAC service

  1. Good respond in phone rings

Make sure your HVAC service is good and fast respond. It begins from the first call, make sure your customer service is a person who is trained, professional, friendly who will answer the call for serving the customer and solving the HVAC needs.

Spend your time with your customers during the call. No rush to explain your service to them. Somehow, the first choice of your customers to pick you as their HVAC service is based on the first call. Give the best impression to them at the very first call.

  1. Certified technician

Make sure your customers can take comfort in the technician that arrives at their door. Every technician in your HVAC service is carefully screened and must have completed the appropriate class work in HVAC theory. From there, the technician must successfully complete an intense and rigorous multi-year, in-house training program.

Every technician in your HVAC service is selected and passed the theory class in HAVC. So that, the technician has to complete many professional house training programs.

  1. Professional diagnostic


HVAC Service

After doing complete diagnosis, the technicians will provide you the repair estimation and suggest the best repair based on the needs. Immediately, find the parts and repair the system as soon as possible.

If you can’t find the parts as soon as they want you to find, then the customer can give complain to you. There are several parts which are hardly to find or the parts maybe come late or at least take a time. Explain the customers about the condition of the parts and make them sure to you that you can handle it. So that they will think that you are responsible enough and feel that you concern about them, more than other HVAC service.

The technician should immediately collaborate with the specialist if the condition of the equipment is too old for helping the customers decide buying the new equipment and discuss about the prices. Make sure it will not take long time to get the access to the specialist, sometimes some of customers have doubts to trust in second hand.

  1. Best warranty

Explain the customer that you provide best warranty than others. After giving HVAC service, give the customers repair warranty commonly for one year based on planned service and give several days commonly 90 days for customers with non-planned service.

Make sure that they can make a call every time they need. They are open to complain the credibility of your technicians whether from work ethic, professionalism, or anything that your customers feel. You have to be brave to offer them few percents cash back if they are not satisfied from your service. Also, if they feel that your HVAC service is too slow than the contract.

HVAC Service

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