Amana HVAC – Amana Portable Air Condition

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Amana HVAC

As we are living in a comfort zone of technological advances, people are used to having too much demand from manufacturers to invent equipments that could add convenience into their daily survival. Our society has been adapting these changes that brought us positive impact into our well being. This does not only limit us from computers, cellular phones and mobile transportation. But most essentially on appliances such as an air conditioner in particular.

We cannot imagine having a temperature of 40 to 50 degrees Celsius just like places of Saudi Arabia, Iraq or Dubai. It would surely create chaos from citizens who wants cool environment. Humidity makes us feeling uneasy and is difficult to work as sweating could exhaust our energy. This could only resolves from using air conditioner. Appliance brands are flooding in stores competing each other in sales. They have a unique campaign ad that claims them to be number 1. But no could be failed in purchasing a product from Amana HVAC.

Today, portable air conditioner is the preference of many customers in home and in office as it is mobile and could be moved from one room to another aside from the fact that it doesn’t need to break a wall to place the unit. This brand has proven its quality based on awards received since it enters the industry.

3 Models of Amana HVAC

There were 3 models of Amana HVAC – Amana portable air conditioning which includes the 7,000 BTU – AP077R unit that could cool and dehumidify an area of 160 square feet. It has remote control with six settings and exhaust kit that allows to self evaporate. The 9,000 BTU – AP095R unit has 3 cooling settings and 3 fan speed that could accommodate an area of 400 square feet and has a 12 hour timer. The higher quality is the 12,000 BTU unit that can dehumidify the total house area as it has the power to perform with better cooling effect. Each type model is different in prices but the highest rate does not exceed $700.

Amana HVAC

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