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5 Important Guidelines To Choose Air Conditioning Service Need To Know

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Air Conditioning Service

The role of air conditioning is quite important in the present day since the world gets hotter and hotter due to the climate change. Some people living in this world come to decision to install this home appliances in some certain parts of the house. Living room, bedroom and family room would be the best choice to install the air conditioning. For they are the place where people gather for talk or anything else.

Apart from the house, offices, apartments and hotels. Are the example where people need conveniences and comfortable atmosphere during the whole day. But, thing turns into disaster when air conditioning goes out of order and people gets complaining. To solve this problem, finding the right air conditioning service is another option than repairing the technical problem by self.

Air Conditioning Service Tips To Get The Satisfying Service

Finding the air conditioning service is not as easy as ABC, since different technician provides the different service. Some people who do not experience of choosing the professional air conditioning service will spend thousand dollars for fixing the problem and it is likely that the technical error will occur in the short period of time after the air conditioning has been repaired.

In other hand, the rest of the clients who experience the broken down air conditioner also complain about the why the technician consume lots of time to find the problem in this housing holds. Thus, to avoid these possible problems, it is encouraged that you follow these air conditioning service tips in order to get the satisfying service.

  1. Study thoroughly about your house holds

What you are supposed to do when you intend to find the air conditioning service is trying to learn in general or detail about the air conditioner. As you study about the brand, type, model and the maintenance history. You will be able to have the rough idea about the unwanted problems.  Knowing the potential problems in the air conditioner, it is also help you to save more money. Since you will understand when the technician does commit an improper procedure when finding the problems.

  1. Ask around to those who have take the advantages of air conditioning service

In attempt to avoid the further problems with the air conditioner. Tips that you have to follow is hiring the air conditioning service with the consideration of the friends or other family members who have hired the technician at first. This helps you to gain the accurate information about how professional the technician in finding the technical problem in the air conditioner.

In addition, it is also preferable to check the local Better Business Bureau (BBB) to find the possible complains in the past. So that it later can be the consideration in dealing with cost, credentials and availability. Thus, it is necessary to have more than one air conditioning service to choose from.

  1. Find out how experienced the technician

The professional air conditioning service must have the official website to promote the service in the wider areas with the help of the customers’ feedback. In other words, some websites always urge the visitors who have hired the service to write some pieces of words in dealing with the experience that they face during hiring the air conditioning service. Some clients will convey the satisfaction while the rest might be end with complains.

As you surf in the internet and visit the website. You can read the information about the education or training background of the professional full-time contactor. So that you can choose the right air conditioning service technician if you have old. Or cutting edge air conditioner model, so that you will not come to naught after hiring the technician.

  1. Legal license needs to think about

The professional air conditioning service technician is obliged to have the legal license from the official board. As the technician holds the license, it is tremendously helpful for you to gain the particular liability from the service. It is totally different when you hire the unlicensed technician the possible accidents. Or improper service on your air conditioner will not be included in technical service. At the end of the day. You are supposed to find the air conditioning service that obeys the safety regulations. And has the profound concern of health during fixing the problems.

  1. Being go green is important to consider

If you are a kind of person who have so much concern on environmental friendliness. This next tip in hiring the air conditioning service technician needs to consider. Since the excessive use of air conditioner takes a part in destroying the ozone layer.

Asking for this matter to the technician is good idea to do. If the air conditioning service technician used to learn much more about it, he will be able to provide the way out on how to save electrical energy consumption during the air conditioner is working and how the use of air conditioner does not give the big negative environmental impact.

Apart from the tips above. When you have made up your mind to hire the air conditioning service, financial availability is worth thinking. Since you do not know exactly on the amount of money you will spend for the problem.  Written proposal as a mean of legal commitment on the due time to finish the jobs, warranty. Specified job costs, etc are necessarily typed and signed by both parties as you employ the air conditioning service.

Air Conditioning Service

3 Types Of Air Conditioner Service Which You Need To Know!

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Air Conditioner Service

Air conditioner service is needed during summer. It is always required for every country. Whether they have four seasons or two seasons. Air conditioner service helps you to get fresh and cool air inside your house, while hot air outside the house.

Nowadays, many companies offer air conditioner companies with various costs. It seems that customers should be smart to choose one of them. Many of them put big advertisements in media to catch your attention. Some of them give cheaper cost with standard service. Some of them offer many advantages and look different from another.

Every air conditioner service you use, you have to remember one important thing. Before you are hiring air conditioning company, you have to know the track record and how experience is your air conditioning company has. Make sure the company doesn’t have many complaints from customers even many compliments from customers. Don’t be tricky, if it offers lowest cost, yet using uncertified technicians.

Ask the suggestion from people surround you is always good. Word to mouth, you will know what company which suites on your project. You do not need to hire big company to do small or simple projects. Do not over look the small company. As long as a company has licensed, also it hires certified technicians, it is more than enough. It will save your money.

Several Types Of Air Conditioner Service

However the main purpose of using air conditioner service is on three types of service only. First is air conditioner installation. Second is air conditioner repair. Third is air conditioner maintenance. Here are the explanations of them!

What is air conditioner installation in air conditioner service?

Air conditioner installation is adding air conditioner equipment in your house. You have to understand your home size before install the air conditioner in your house. Consult to your air conditioning company, what type of air conditioner which suits for your house. Air conditioner has several systems such as window units, split systems, central system and portable units.

What is air conditioner repair in air conditioner service?

There are several signs you need air conditioner repair in air conditioner service. First, your air conditioner cannot deliver cool air. Even though you have set the lowest temperature. Second, the air conditioner flows strange smell and sounds very noisy than before. Third, if you find any leakage with air conditioner units.

Last, if you notice that air conditioner switch automatically into on and off many times more than before. It called short cycle. Those problems seem that you need to repair your air conditioner. Make sure you know which air conditioner company who can handle your problem. As long as you hire expert technicians, it means you can get comfortable air soon during summer.

What is air conditioner maintenance in air conditioner service?

Lack of maintenance leads to repairment and affects machine. If your machine always breaks down, sooner or later will break totally. The general maintenance can be changing the filters, cleaning the evaporator and condenser, removing debris from surrounding, lubricating the parts checking whether any clogged in drainage and many more. Call the technicians if you cannot do those jobs.

Air Conditioner Service

How Much Is The Cost Of AC Service For Your House?

AC service contains of AC installation, AC repair and AC maintenance. Each of AC service has various cost depends on the difficulties of the project. Also choose an air conditioning company affect the cost. AC service is very useful since global warming happened. It helps you to get cool air during heat temperature outside house.

However, every household has its own budget. Also, it has different priority of AC service. You have to know which AC service you really need at this time. You can choose AC installation cost based on your financial. And you may wonder how much is the cost for each AC service for your house? read the points below.

How Much Is Ac Installation Cost In AC Service?


AC Service

You need to know which AC units which suits for your home size. Bigger units exactly will cool the house faster than smaller one. But then, it also will turn on and off to detect the temperature. One it turns on, it will use more energy. The smaller AC unit also isn’t good idea since it needs to work harder and use more energy to keep running. Consult with expert before decide which unit you need.

AC contractor affects the cost. Big contractor will charge higher AC service cost. At least, choose contractor who has licensed and certified technician. Your contractor will help you to consider the energy efficiency ratio (EER) and seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER).

For minimize the budget, you have consider the brand of AC units. As famous as the brand, will spend more cost, just choose the right brand for your house as long as it is standard and durable. You don’t have to buy expensive brand, if you find nice brand with reasonable price.

How Much Is Ac Repair Cost In AC Service?

Lowest cost of AC repair is $75. Highest cost of AC repair is $1,100. Most of customers spend $163 – $520. The damage of AC units affects the service cost. However, the damage of AC units affects the service cost. The more difficult of AC units, the more you spend the service cost.

There are several common AC repair. If any leakage the refrigerant, it will spend around $225-$1600 and recharge the refrigerant is $160-$400. If there is any short circuit, it needs to replace the fuses. It spends $15-$300. For A/C compressor usually spend $100-$250.

The replacements of components spend various costs. The replacement of circuit board is $120-$600, thermostat is $60-$250, capacitor or contactor is $90-$400, condensate pump is $90-$250, condensing unit fan motor is $100-$300, evaporator coil is $650-$1200 and home air compressor is $1350-$1800 based on size and type.

How Much Is Ac Maintenance Cost In AC Service?

For households who call technician for one time, they will pay around $70 – $100 for the maintenance. Nevertheless, if household want to use the AC maintenance every year, they will spend around $150.

AC Service

You Should Now! DIY Air Conditioning Services

17.-air-conditioning-services-1 AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE

Air Conditioning Services

AC is something that become part of human life. Although like that, if there are some problems on it, not everyone can repair by theirself. People usually call the expert to fix it. But it does not mean that we are as common people can not repair it by ourselves.

We only need to know and try to find something wrong in it. Then after that, try to find solution for it. For that, by air conditioning services by self, it mean that we try to be creative and of course economize our daily expenses.

The Time you Need Air Conditioning Services

For information, there are many factors affecting trouble on air conditioner. Just the common problems like AC is on but not cold and indoor AC is on, but outdoor no. For that, we must know what factor made our AC must be serviced. After knowing the cause, then we know what should we do in DIY air conditioning services.

To make you easier in understanding what should you do, so bellows are the tips in DIY air conditioning services:

Ac Is “On” Position But Not Cold

  1. AC need to be serviced

First thing that you should do in DIY air conditioning services, is checking the appearance of your AC. Check wether your AC full of dirty or not. You can check it for both of AC indoor and outdoor. If there are many dirt there, then you can clean it up until it is free of dust. Actually, you can do air conditioning services once in a week to clean the filter.

There, you should open the top indoor cover, then put the filter, and after that wash it by using detergent. Do not forget to dried it up before installation.

  1. Less freon

If you see that your AC appearance is good (free of dust), then the second steps on DIY air conditioning services is by checking the freon. See wether the freon pressure is maintained or completed. If it still maintained, it means that it is no problem, because it only less freon. But if no, maybe your AC committed problem of leak. For that, the solution is only one, that is fill it until it is up.

 Ac Indoor Is “On”, But Outdoor No

  1. Check the mode on remote control

The first thing that you sould do for DIY air conditioning services here is making sure that mode on your remote control is in (*) or cool position. Because if it is in dry, it mean that it only to turn on the fan.

  1. Check the AC thermistor in indoor unit

If you have make sure that the remote is on cool position but the AC keep not cold, then the next step on DIY air conditioning services is checking the AC thermistor.

  1. Check the outdoor capasitor

The problem on capasitior is signed by appearing bump on the top of capasitor. Those are some problems that usually happend on Air Conditioner. Some tips on air conditioning services can be reference for you to services your own AC by yourself.

Air Conditioning Services

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