3 Things Considering To Stop Air Conditioning Repairs

12.-air-conditioning-repairs-1 AIR CONDITIONING REPAIRS

Air Conditioning Repairs

Every homeowner maybe ever did air conditioning repairs. It happens when you find any trouble in your air conditioner. There are several signs you need to recognise when you need air conditioning repairs. So that, you know the exact times to call the technicians. Also, you will not get late repair which make the unit become more broken.

First, you may hear the unit is running, but you don’t feel the cool air at all. Second, you hear the noisy sound from your air conditioner which is not like before. Third, you smell bad odors in the air. Forth, you guess any short circuit in your air conditioning system. Fifth, you recognize there is leakage in the unit.

However, you may wonder when you need to stop air conditioning repairs. It happens for some homeowners who have used air conditioner for many years. You need to recognize when you need to replace your air conditioner with the new one. Especially for some people who will retire soon. Knowing that they will get no salary anymore.

Stopping the Air conditioning repairs

  1. Consider The Ages Of AC Units Before Air Conditioning Repairs
    Every electronic has its own lifespan. It is the same with air conditioner (AC). Lifespan of air conditioner is 10 – 15 years. Generally, after 15 years, air conditioner cannot work properly like before. You need to realize to replace air conditioner units than keep doing air conditioning repairs.
  2. Consider The High Cost Of Air Conditioning Repairs
    Air conditioning repairs has different service cost. For general repair, usually you will spend around $163 – $520. That is for average service cost. The low end cost is around $75 and the high end cost is $1,100.
    There are several common AC repair. If any leakage the refrigerant, it will spend around $225-$1600 and recharge the refrigerant is $160-$400. For A/C compressor usually spend $100-$250. If there is any short circuit, it needs to replace the fuses. It spends $15-$300.
    The replacements of components spend various costs. The replacement of thermostat is $60-$250, circuit board is $120-$600, condensate pump is $90-$250, evaporator coil is $650-$1200, capacitor or contactor is $90-$400, condensing unit fan motor is $100-$300, and home air compressor is $1350-$1800 based on size and type.
    Usually, the technician will check the trouble of air conditioner. After that, he will estimate the service cost. If the technician tells you that your air conditioner spends more than high end cost, the trouble of your air conditioner maybe bigger than general repair. Replace your air conditioner is not always bad idea.
  3. Consider The Frequency Of Trouble Before Air Conditioning Repairs
    It is annoying if your air conditioner keeps acting up many times. Even you count many troubles in short term. You will not spend your time by calling technician always. You cannot even have cool air during summer by just waiting until your air conditioner is running properly. It is wasting the time. Definitely, it is wasting your money. So that, consider replacing your air conditioner.

Air Conditioning Repairs

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