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How Your HVAC Technician Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

By Ace Abbey


HVAC Technician

When you’re looking for service and repair companies for your heating and cooling systems, you will frequently see the acronym HVAC, which stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Your local HVAC business is your go-to place for the maintenance, repairs and installation of heaters and air conditioners. In addition to those services, they can also improve your indoor air quality through several methods. There’s more to your heater and air conditioner than just providing stable temperatures for you and your family. With the assistance of your local HVAC technician, you can make sure your systems stay clean or add to them to increase their air-cleaning potential significantly.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)┬áIf you consider the chemicals, accumulated dirt, dander and cooking residues, it isn’t really all that surprising. Clearly keeping the air you breathe clean should be a priority. One of the simplest solutions has to do with the ventilation and filtration on your heating and cooling systems.

Depending on the quality of your filter, all manner of contaminants can be trapped rather than continuing to circulate in the air. Although a tight seal ensures better energy conservation and can save money on utilities, it also means air cannot escape. As a result, stale air becomes trapped and you are forced to breathe that air repeatedly. A quality ventilation system in your home can bring in cleaner outdoor air to replace stale air, and all without hurting your energy conservation.

A HVAC Technician Can Answer Your Questions And Examine Your Systems

There are a few tests that can be done to find out not only what the air in your home is better or worse. The most common testing method is putting a unit to test the air over a period of several days. Once you have the results, your HVAC technician will review them and what can be done to make improvements.

The attached system removes and destroys particles before re-circulating air in your home. With cleaner indoor air your family can enjoy not only more breathable air but significant health benefits.

To find out how to have better air in your home, contact your HVAC business. A HVAC technician can answer your questions and examine your systems as well as testing the indoor air quality. You and your family deserve clean indoor air. And getting cleaner air is as simple as enlisting the assistance of your local HVAC technician.

HVAC Technician

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DIY: Temporary Alternatives to Home Air Conditioning Repair

By Antoinette Ayana

Summer weather can be oppressively hot, but there are many fun ways to cool off while waiting for the home air conditioning repair technicians to arrive.



Bucket Unit

With a bucket, some PVC, a fan, and a gallon jug of cold water, you can create a DIY solution to temporarily replace a broken window unit. First, drill holes in one side of the bucket. These holes should be big enough for the short lengths of PVC pipe. The PVC will direct the chilled air. Next, cut a hole in the bucket lid that’s the same size as the fan. The fan will be used to force room air into the bucket and out through the directional pipes. Lastly, chill the jug of water in the fridge or freezer before placing it inside the bucket. With all the parts secured in place, you should be able to control the temperature near a bed, couch, or workspace. Keep a second jug of water in the fridge so the two jugs can be swapped out periodically.

Sprinkler Party

When you call for home air conditioning repair, it may also be the perfect time to relive some of your favorite childhood activities. Turn on the sprinkler and call up some friends to bring their swimsuits. Get a tarp or plastic drop cloth for a slipping and sliding extravaganza. Lathering up with a little dish soap will help you slide further. This kind of party can also be a great excuse to buy water guns and fill up a few buckets full of water balloons. With enough people, you can divide into teams for a game of capture the flag. If your friends are in their mid-to-late twenties, you could also use the water guns as a way to mix and serve cocktails.

Head to the Coffee Shop

Whether you’re in need of home air conditioning repair or just looking to spend less money on utilities, spending time away from home can help. Coffee shops are one of the most popular places to sit and get work done. Alternatively, you could head to the local library or a quiet neighborhood bar. When you’re looking for a place to spend more than an hour or two, it helps to know your priorities. Do you want to concentrate on getting work done or just pass the time? A bar will have noise and distractions, which may not bother some types of workers. On days when you aren’t working, spending the afternoons away from home can significantly reduce the time you need to use the A/C.

Keep a Sense of Perspective

Ultimately, mankind has survived for millennia without the modern conveniences of window units or electric fans. Most Americans have the option of purchasing cold beverages or snow cones, both of which can give a momentary respite. Remember how the heat felt when you’re once again able to turn the icy air back up to full blast.

Home Air Conditioning Repair

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