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Tips for HVAC Maintenance

36.-hvac-maintenance HVAC MAINTENANCE

HVAC Maintenance

With $150 and $425 are the average amount of money you should spend. To have your HVAC system well cleaned may not supportable for your monthly or annual budget to alocate. In the situation that you couldn’t solve every problems come out with preventive HVAC maintenance. These are some tips to maintain your device well functioned and long last.

HVAC maintenance replacing air filters.

Inspecting your air filter is the most important thing to do at home. Your HVAC system will run less efficient cause of Dirty air filter and resulting inappropriate strain on its working part. Checking air filter and substitute it if it’s dirty and clogged should be monthly activity that you have to set a schedule on it.

HVAC maintenance get ride of debris.

It’s very necessary to get ride of debris that stay on your device, especially if it’s located outdoor area, the existance of pollen, debris, is something to be checked every month.  Keep away the debris from your unit from the top to sides of the system by hand or if it’s urgent use a hose. This measure will let your unit run efficient since the airflow to the fun would be maximum.

HVAC maintenance clean up registers

Ducts and registers are the components that should be free of dust and debris. In order to keep the registers and ducts clean and healthy. Wipe down these components as often as you could to keep your HVAC run efficiently and healthy.

HVAC maintenance humidifier rests

It’s recommended to turn off your humidifier’s water supply in summer in order to give your system kinda pause. And when the season starts to get cooler, the water panel (well known as a humidifier pad) could be replaced, 36 – 45 percent is the number that you can set in terms of relative humidity. And then turn the water supply to the furnance humidifier on.

HVAC maintenance unusual noise

The more measures you could do are to be sensitive of every noise may come out from the component, specialy weird sounds. In many times it happens caused by some blockages in the duct or register since a lot of debris in there, or it could be the furnance loosing bolts. If you notice some odd noises, go locate the source and fix it yourself.

HVAC maintenance using fans

To give your system some break, utilize the fans is not a bad idea; it will make your device healthy. Using ceiling fans or portable fans on got summer is a good thing to do to circulate more air throughout the house and make your HVAC system decrease the temperature at your house quicker.

Let the expert do HVAC maintenance in urgent

Checking the warranty could be beneficial for you since some HVAC manufactures need annual preventative maintenances to keep the unit’s warranty well. If your HVAC system need preventative maintenance it’s okey to call the professionals handle it. Make a schedule and they will inspect everything.

HVAC Maintenance

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3 Reasons Why HVAC Certification is Important for Fresh Graduates Technicians

35.-hvac-certification-300x171 HVAC CERTIFICATION

HVAC Certification

HVAC certification is license for HVAC technicians who state the technicians are competent in heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. It shows that they are qualified to install, repair and maintain the HVAC system. In HVAC field, technicians will work on residential system for small, big or average size of house. For commercial system, technicians will work for hospital, office or other buildings. For both systems, definitely requires certified technicians.

It has been a while many states or other countries require HVAC technicians with HVAC certification. Those are three types of HVAC certifications nowadays such as NATE certification, HVAC Excellence Certification and EPA 608 Certification.

3 Reasons Why HVAC Certifications Is Important.

For fresh graduates technicians, they may be wondering how important is HVAC certification for them? These are 3 reasons why those certifications are important!

  1. HVAC certification is needed in HVAC company.

As fresh graduate technician, exactly you need to get a job soon. You may be wondering why the company doesn’t hire you. You have to know that HVAC system is complicated field. The system should be installing properly to run well, also, every repairment should be check completely.

Technicians are in the front line for HVAC company. It stakes company reputation with its technicians. Start from their attitude, the way they treat consumers, communicate the customers, understanding customer’s wants and their skill during work. For minimizing the risks, HVAC company will hire technicians who have HVAC certification.

  1. Smart consumer needs your HVAC certification

Nowadays, consumers will be selective. They will not check directly your HVAC certification but they will probably ask you. They will make sure that you will not do the HVAC system become worse than before. Also, they feel safe their HVAC system is in the right hand.

If you are not certified technician and but you pretend by saying you are certified, it will impact on you. Whether when you install or repair and something dangerous happens, your consumer will prosecute you and ask for your responsibility. You will have hard time in your life, because of have been banned or have black list as technician. Definitely, it will affect your career.

  1. More competence by having HVAC certification

HVAC system needs accuracy, work ethic and high discipline. Those are you may already get from school. But graduate in HVAC school only is not enough. HVAC certification is needed, this certification ensures you to be professional certified technician beside HVAC theory in school, so that during your work, whether you or your customers have no doubt and worries if something dangerous happens.

In HVAC certification you will be well trained by professional technician. You will understand well the HVAC system start from installation, repair and maintenance. You will learn many cases and problems which are related to the system, they will train you with modern equipment for modern system, you get used to work fast and proper, so that you will be able to handle all those stuff.

HVAC Certification

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4 Tips before Doing HVAC Installation in Your House

34.-hvac-installation TIPS HVAC INSTALLATION

HVAC Installation

HVAC installation is advanced technology to help you free from cold temperature during winter, hot temperature during summer and having good air quality all day long. Every household needs HVAC installation to make its house become comfortable. However, some of people almost never planned their house before doing installation. Definitely, it may be spend lots of money or out of your budget.

As consumer, you have to consider several things before doing HVAC installation. Discuss with your family members, ask from colleagues or neighbors who have used HVAC for many years. Learn from their house, the way they calculate the budget, choosing HVAC brand and others. These are five tips which may help you before doing HVAC installation in your house.

4 Tips Before Doing HVAC Installation

  1. Consider the size of your house before HVAC installation

Consult with HVAC company which you choose. Measure your house size and the capability of the AC and furnace which fill the air inside your house. Never choose the big size one for small house. Whether furnace or air conditioner, choose the right one.

If you choose bigger AC which has capability bigger than your house size, it may be running quicker but it will cost a lot for the bills. It is the same if you choose smaller AC. It will run more and more and it will do more effort. Definitely it spends much energy uses. So that chooses the right AC. It will run properly without spends lots of energy also will save your bill.

  1. Consider the ductwork before Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning installation

Ductwork is very crucial in HVAC installation. The function of ductwork is to change the air like delivering and removing the air from heating or air conditioning. Ductwork will spend more money in standard ductwork.

The reason is the installation of ductwork spends more time and should be done properly. You will not see your house with terrible ductwork. If you have good quality of furnace and AC but your ductwork is below the standard, the system will not run properly. The installation of ductwork should be done by professional certified technician who makes the installation perfectly.

  1. Consider the HVAC brand before HVAC installation

There are many HVAC brands nowadays. You can choose easily by getting their profile through their websites. Also, you can ask the references from your neighbors about what brand they use for their house. Choose the right brand which suites on you.

You should choose the brand which has experienced for many years. It means they are leading brand and being founder of the equipments. You can choose the cheaper one, but make sure they are durable. So you will not get trouble after HVAC installation and buy the new equipment in short term.

  1. Estimate the cost of HVAC installation

If you already choose HVAC company which suites for your house, consult with that company. Those are points above affect the cost of installation. Besides that, you have to estimate whether it will over your budget or not.

HVAC Installation

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Tips On Choosing The Best Quality Of Air Conditioning Contractors

33.-air-conditioning-contractors-300x187 AIR CONDITIONING CONTRACTORS

Air Conditioning Contractors

Air conditioner is one of electronics device to make cool our room. Therefore, although it is getting hot outside, but our room will always being cool because the use of air conditioner there. So, that is why most of people now has become rely on the use of AC in everyday their life. For that, it is important for you to choose the best an air conditioning contractors before installing this unit into your room.

Choosing the best air conditioning contractors is really important to have a good quality of AC in your home, because the AC contractor can be the detertimant of your AC’s life next. So, do not ever be ignored, in its. Because if this process is leaving, then it will allow your AC being broken in short time just after you have an installation for it. For that, bellows are the tips for you to choose the best air conditioning contractors:

  1. Ask for some suggestions from friends or close people around you

In this case, you need some suggestions about choosing the best air conditioning contractors. You can ask for whom they had already choosing his service to install their AC. This strategy can minimaze you to wrong to choos the worst AC contractor.

  1. Read other’s consumer’s review about this contractor

Reading on it’s review is important also in order to make sure yourself that you have not choose worst contractor for installing your AC. The AC contractor usually display consumer’s review for their website. It used to make other people believe that there are many consumers need their service  to install their AC. The consumers usually write their feeling about the contractor’s job wether it is good or worst.

So in this case, you can visit the contractor’s website to read those reviews. If most of their review is good, so no matter for you to choose this contractor, but if no then it is better to find the other air conditioning contractors.

  1. Check their credibility

For this tips, you may also visit their website about everthing about this contractor. The air conditioning contractors usually display their profile, address, how long the close with this job, and everthing about this. You may also check it’s legacy, wether their company getting a legal legacy or not.

  1. Think about price

No matter if you choose air conditioning contractors which allow you to pay cheaper cost for it. But do not forget to consider the use of energy there. A cheap or expensive air conditioner is usually impact on the use of energy.  For that, it is better fo you to choose AC prices that suitable with the need of energy for it.

That’s all about the tips on how to choose the best an air conditioning contractors for your home. Remember that everything need mature consideeration to get a good result for it. As well as for air conditioning contractors, it is very important fo you to determine all the aspects about it. Do not let yourself enjoying a comfortable room only in a short term just because wrong to choose air conditioning contractors.

Air Conditioning Contractors

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Some Tips Before Inviting an Air Conditioning Service Repair

32.-air-conditioning-service-repair AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE REPAIR

Air Conditioning Service Repair

Air Conditioning (AC) is an important to have at home. This is because the function of AC is giving comfort and enjoyable moment in everyday life. Using AC in a room is a such habit which being usual in our daily life, such as for doing job, homework, sleeping in the bedroom, just having quality time with family or other dailiy activity.  So, how about air conditioning service repair?

Furthermore, if you are living in summer or hot situation like in a big city which has high temperature everyday, having an AC is like a must. This kind of electric device is a such thing which must be there in every home, even in every room in such situation like that. Unfortunately, although we are very depend on this kind of the thing, but most of us do not know how to repair it by self if there is any problem in it. So, we usually direct to call or invite an air conditioning service repair to fix the AC.

Knowing the Air Conditioning Service Repair

   In this case, knowing how to maintain and simple repairing on AC is needed for us. For that, you should not directly call the AC service repair if you find the problem so. You can do a simple service on it. Therefore, some tips belows may can be solution before calling or incviting the air conditioning service repair:

  1. Check the remote control wether the temperature has in precise or not.
  2. Check on the unit power wether therer is any problem or not.
  3. You can check on the blower of outdoor unit air conditioner.
  4. If you find there is no problems on those units, then the next tips before inviting an air.

Conditioning service repair is reading on manual book. You must read it carefully wether the guarantee card is still be valid or not. If yes, then you can send it to service division and having a free service. Meanwhile if no, then you should directly call or invite the air conditioning service repair to fix your AC

However, if you need to call or invite the air conditioning service repair by self, then:

  1. You should find the best air conditioning service repair which most consider important on the quality. You should find as many as possible about the references where you can find an air conditioning service repair which close to you.
  2. Choose an air conditioning service repair which gives the best service. In this case, you can pay attention on the contact person wich easy to call, the fastness, and its credibility.
  3. Good facility. Not only good in service, but you should find the air conditioning service repair which provide good facility for you also. Kind of good facility can be service complaint or guarantee service which is given freely to you.

If there any problem on your AC, do not be directly to invite the expert to fix your AC. You can do a simple check on it, then find the solution on how to repair it by self. If in fact the problem is hard while you can not do that by self, then you must invite or call an air conditioning service repair to repair your AC. Do not forget to consider on some tips above before calling them.

Air Conditioning Service Repair

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