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What is HVAC Tips to Make You AC Performs Efficiently

What is HVAC Tips to Make You Air Conditioner Performs Efficiently

03.-what-is-hvac-1 What is HVAC Tips to Make You AC Performs Efficiently

What Is HVAC

You may wonder what is HVAC? Many homes in our country used HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning System) to increase or decrease the temperature to adjust the situation.

This such as device can be unaffordable for middle income and needs a lot of energy to spend. So it’s better to know further about what is HVAC. Since a smart people who own this will get a better experience throughout the usage of this device. And save your money, and of course get your home healthy.

What is HVAC system component?

So, what is HVAC? In the central system of HVAC is a unique, since some elements usually got to be installed outside your home. And some elements got to be installed inside your home. The places that normally get installed inside your home are in the attic, in the basement or even closet. You will find the fireplace (gas, oil, electric) and the portion of evaporator air conditioner. You will also notice the blower that could perform both air conditioner and fireplace? Now you got a glance at what is HVAC system.

Ducts are being attached to the blower, and then the tubes serve as a channel to pass all heated air and cooled air to the entire room of the house. What are HVAC special cases that need to know?

Well, a furnace won’t be necessary if your HVAC system works in pumping heat. An expert explains what is HVAC ‘’ so actually the system is regularly working in the mechanism. It pumps heats and makes the room cooler, and reversely work in the winter to increase the temperature.

Indoor And Outdoor Components

What is HVAC elements to pay attention? Indoor and outdoor components will still be needed in a heat pump system. Compressor and condenser components of the air conditioner are placed outside the house (heat pump) that are installed in a metal with a big fan stick to it.

The packaged system is one of the alternatives to use in a split system, so what is HVAC packaged? Outside the house, all of the components will be installed into one single unit. With ducts passing through the wall of the house.

Now, you know what is HVAC package and how it works, you may see that it could be a better choice for you who want to keep your space open for the new interior and still have the cool and heating equipment. ‘’V’’ installation could be the option for your HVAC. What is HVAC ‘’V’’, usually a household rely on infiltration, or maybe an air which seeps through cracks and gaps in the shell of the home for a little fresh air.

Experts moody says, ‘’ when indoor air quality is having a great impact in human health problem, so, the systems of mechanical ventilation become more used by the household.  Do you want to know more about ‘’ventilation”? here’s the info.

  1. Heating

    Burning gas and oil in a chamber is the way to put on the fireplace, air is circulated by blower throughout the chamber, and then heat will be absorbed first by air before it flows throughout the house. In term of by products Combustion gases are employed for burning oil and gas, some are lethal. A metal vent the gases to the outdoor, combustion chamber got the air for the fire from a pipe. Conditioned air is pulled from inside the home.
    When the combustion uses air, cold air seeps shell’s building, that makes the building cooler, and better efficiency.

  2. Cooling

    What is HVAC cooling system to achieve efficiency? Cooling is attained via the electric air conditioner, the compressor compresses the refrigerant gas to yield high-pressure gas. This high-pressure gas is pumped by a compressor via radiator similar to a condenser coil of copper, fins, and tubing where the heat is transferred by a large fan to the outdoors. This is all done on the AC equipment. Next, the cooled air gets compressed, it pumps refrigerant liquid into the house through the copper tubing.

    Arriving at evaporator coil. And it will vaporize from a liquid to a gas again. A natural device of this shifts from liquid to gas is that heat is absorbed by refrigerant quickly from the air and blown through evaporators. Cooled air’s circulated throughout the home via the ducts, so what is HVAC cooling mechanism actually generates? The refrigerant head back outside to the compressor, then the cycle starts over and again and again.

  1. Ventilation

    What is HVAC to increase air quality? Based on the EPA, the risk of contamination at indoor air is five times higher than outdoor. As a citizen, we spend 90% of our times indoor. That’s why an indoor air quality has a big impact on our health. More and more mechanical ventilation’s become famous and often be put together along with HVAC system to ride of unhealthy air inside the room and bring a healthy air inside. It’s so simple like a set of ducts with a fan that can that clean the air up indoor and brings fresh from outside. However, it consumes a lot of energy. The newest method to overcome this problem is that use the Heat Energy Ventilator and Energy Recovery Ventilator.

This kind appliances planted to the ducts and make an additional muffler ducts and a supply to the outdoor, and then the unit get ride of dirty air from the room. And bring a healthy air from the outside to the inside. Now you have all explanations of what is HVAC.

What Is HVAC

5 Points of General Knowledge about What’s HVAC

02.-whats-hvac What is HVAC Tips to Make You AC Performs Efficiently

What’s HVAC

What’s HVAC stands for? It stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. If you live in country which has summer and winter season, you may need HVAC. HVAC will help you to get comfortable air and temperature during summer and winter. Cold air with low temperature leads to hypothermia. Likewise, hot air with high temperature will be very frustrating.

Before deciding to install HVAC in your house, you need to have enough knowledge of it. It helps you to understand well about HVAC. What’s HVAC general knowledge which you need to know? These are five points of general knowledge.

General Points About What’s HVAC

  1. What’s HVAC system

For heating system, the thermostat will detect the temperature inside house. Knowing that the temperature outside house usually is colder than inside house, the heating system will work on it. Heating system will convert the cold hair from outside house into warm air. It will deliver the warm air to every part in the house using air duct.

Likewise for air conditioning system, it will convert hot air from outside into cold air. It will deliver the cold air using air duct to every part in the house. Also, it can waste the hot air inside house to outside house. HVAC system will automatically work from thermostat. However, you can set the certain temperature based on your needs.

For ventilation system, it will maintain air quality inside house. It will waste poor air quality which contains dust and bacteria. You will get good air quality inside house to prevent allergic from air.

  1. What’s HVAC company

HVAC company is working in giving services to customers. Also, it sells several products of HVAC. For example, if a customer wants to install HVAC in his house, he will contact the company. HVAC company will offer the types of HVAC installation. A customer can hires HVAC contractor based on company’s recommendation. Also, it can offer the suitable products for HVAC installation.

  1. What’s HVAC contractors

HVAC contractors work for projects of HVAC system. Generally, they work under company or independent but have relation with HVAC company. HVAC contractors should have certified technicians to do any HVAC projects. For example, in HVAC installation, technicians from HVAC contractors will come to your house to check the house and discuss the project.

  1. What’s HVAC services

HVAC services consist of installation, repair and maintenance of HVAC system. For example, in heating installation, you can choose gas furnace if you have access of natural gas in your house. If there is no access to natural gas, you can choose heat pumps. For air conditioning, you can choose central air conditioning which has suitable size for your house.

  1. What’s HVAC products

HVAC company usually sells various types of HVAC products. Nowadays, HVAC technology is advanced. You can control your HVAC system using your smartphone. It is possible to control the system even though you are not at home. It helps you to save more energy. So that, you will not pay more bills every month.

What’s HVAC

The Working Principle of HVAC Systems

06.-hvac-systems What is HVAC Tips to Make You AC Performs Efficiently

HVAC Systems

HVAC is an abbreviation of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning. Therefore, HVAC systems are a conditioning air process which includes the process of heating, cooling, humidifying, dehumidifying, cleaning, ventilating, and also air movement. By thus process, the systems of HVAC is sometimes also called by an air controlled system.

All of those functions are working each other. It is because it will determine temperature, and air humidity inside the building, and also providing fumes control, the air pressure inside the building, and providing a fresh air there. For that, to know well about HVAC systems, bellows are the information for you:

Principle of HVAC Systems


This system usually used in many countries which has a cold temperature. HVAC systems are compiled by some important elements like a boiler, furnace, heat pump, radiator, and hydronic.


Ventilating is a process of circulating the air inside with outside the room, which used to remove the dust, humidity, bad smell, carbon dioxide, heat, bacteria of the air, and also to regenerate the fresh air inside the room.
Generally, there are two types of ventilating in HVAC systems, those are forced ventilation and natural ventilation. Forced ventilation usually use a big fan to circulate the air, while natural ventilation does not use it anymore. It is usually performing as a window, which let being opened in a certain room.
For the function, forced ventilation is usually used in the big company, or at home like in the kitchen or bathroom. In the kitchen, it is usually used to suck the smoke from the stove, while in the bathroom used to throw the bad smell around the room.

Air conditioning

Most of the people know well about this unit. We can easily find this HVAC systems in some building like office, home, industrial, etc. It is usually used to make the room for being cool, although the temperature outside is high. This unit is consist of some important parts of refrigerant, compressor, heat exchanger, and also expansion valve.

The used of HVAC in the world of pharmacy

HVAC systems are very vital used in the world of pharmacy, the functions of HVAC there, such as:

  • To reins the temperature
  • To reins the humidity
  • Keep the environment from always being clean
  • To avoid contamination
  • To reins microbe accretion
  • Keep the personal healthy


The HVAC systems usually consist of some following units:

  • Evaporator (is used as heat absorption when the process of evaporation)
  • Blower (is a fan to drain off of the air)
  • Filter (is used to filter the air, so it will become clean)
  • Duct (is an air drain from the room to indoor unit)

The purpose

The purpose of HVAC systems is providing a system as well as the rule of CPOB in order to fulfill the need of product protection and the process is in accordance with the GEP requirement, just like reliability, treatment, continuity, flexibility, and safety.

Well, HVAC systems are nowadays used in many purposed, but it is usually very vital used in the world of pharmacy. There, it used to avoid production of the drug from the danger of contamination, keep the environment from always being clean, and the others.


The Important of HVAC System in Pharmacy

28.-hvac-system-1 What is HVAC Tips to Make You AC Performs Efficiently

HVAC System

An air system or familiar with the name of AHU (Air Handling Unit) or HVAC system (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) is a system that designed to control temperature in a certain environment. HVAC System is also named by climate control because its function as controlling temperature in a room.

By this system, we can control the temperature, keep cleaness, heating, humidity, and air movement as well as we want. By using this kind of system also, we can comfortable to stay in a room although the weather of the outside room does not support well.

HVAC System Fucntions

There are many functions of HVAC System. In general, Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning System is function to control and manage the temperature of the room. Especially in pharmacy, this system is very important to:

  1. Manage the temperature

Temperature is very vital to the drug. It is protecting the drug from the changing temperature aroung it

  1. Manage the humidity

Same with temperature, humidity is important to be managed also. It also avoid the drug being damaged because of inappropriate humidity in the room

  1. Keep cleanness

As we know that world of pharmacy need the cleannes to keep the drug not being contaminaated by dirt. As mentioned above, that the function of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning System is keeping cleaness, this system will always change the dirt air, then change it with new one and fresher.

  1. Avoid contaminating on the drug.
  2. Managing the growth of the microba.
  3. Keep environment contamination.
  4. Keep personal healthy.

HVAC System Components Detailed

Furthermore, the general components in HVAC System including outdoor section, indoor section, heat pump, blower, filter, indoor coil, plenum, damper, humidifier, thermostat, and supplemental electric heater. Each components is very important for the system, therefore, belows are the explanations on each elements:

  1. Outdoor section: This one of HVAC part which function as air changing outside the room.
  2. Indoor section: This is HVAC part which used to process the air inside the room.
  3. Heat pump: This is HVAC part which used to remove the heat from lower to higher place.
  4. Blower: Part to stream the air.
  5. Indoor coil: Part to transfer the heat to heater or cooler air.
  6. Filter: Fiber matter to filter solid particle like dust.
  7. Damper: Gate on the duct to control the air stream.
  8. Humidifier: Such device that function to improve humidity in a room.
  9. Thermosthat Device to manage temperature.
  10. supplemental electric heater: electrict heater enumerator.

Therefore, the working system on HVAC System are as follows:

  1. The air which has been cooled and being filtered enter to the duct.
  2. Then, it will being cool and bring dirt air outside the room.
  3. The air being recirculate.

In pharmacy world, the use of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning System is very vital. Besides it used to control the temperature of the room, but it is very important also to the existance of the drug. So, by using Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning System, the drug will be protect because it will avoid from the changing temperature and humidity that can damage the drug, thats all about HVAC System that you can read as the reference.

HVAC System

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Air Conditioning Repair – First Steps to Do By Yourself

Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Working?

01.-air-conditioning-repair-300x199 AIR CONDITIONING REPAIR

Air Conditioning Repair

I believe that will be the first question appear in your mind, when you feel like there is something wrong with your air conditioning. Air conditioning repair is not something really easy to handle. You will need the assistance of an expert to help you fix it. Or the other option is that you want to learn how the methods and steps to air conditioning repair is?

There are so many possibly things that can be the reasons why your air conditioning do not to work or function properly. It could be that your thermostat is not working correctly, or the motor or compressor have failed. A dirty evaporator could also cause problems, or you might be low on refrigerant.

Air Conditioning Repair Method

For this case, air conditioning repair method like a simple cleaning may get your unit back up and running. But you may need to replace a part. Or it might make sense not to repair and consider replacement of the air conditioner.

There are so many things become the reason why your evaporator coil get frozen. It is when the air conditioner operates continuously all day and night with not high refrigerant level, and unbalanced circulation. This makes the air exiting supply registers feel warm. So turn off the air conditioner for a moment or gradually. And try to figure out what could stop or reduce the rate a frozen coil.

If purchasing a new unit is the best solution, it is really recommended to have an expert to help you understand and choose what the most appropriate system and size that will fit your lifestyle the best at your home. Based on the variety of needs and the layout of your home, the options that may rise, as follows:

First and foremost, central air, often the best choice for cooling your whole home. If you only need a room or two chilled, then room units, which may be your best bet. If your home is already equipped with proper ductwork, a split system. Which separates the outdoor compressor and condenser, may be the most appropriate choice.

While the last but not least, is evaporative coolers. Using evaporated water to cool down air and suit the best for arid weathers.

What Makes Air Conditioning Repair Urgent

When you realize that there is no power within your air conditioning, you may double check the wiring, and the breaker. Or another cause is that your air conditioning is beyond normal heat. For air conditioning repair, try to better the wiring, set anew the circuit. And be sure to also clean the airflow to the outdoor unit.

To reduce the number of problems that may arise, it is a good recommendation as air conditioning repair to regularly check the maintenance of your air conditioner. This is to ensure your air conditioner is working at top efficiency and can extend its lifespan.

It is also a good step to take when you face a problems with your air conditioning repair, you do not rely solely on technician. Instead you put your effort to search the tips and ask anyone expert in this field to handle this kind of matter by yourself. So, whenever you have a problem, independently you won’t be easily panic and doubt.

AC Maintenance

Set up at least an annual maintenance check with a technician or monthly check by yourself to clean the unit, check on the refrigerant and make sure the system is in safe working order. Air conditioning repair will be necessary for unnoticeable causes that become the problem source of air conditioning which in detail are as follows:

It is easy to recognize that your fan belt has worn out. Try to listen to the sound of your air conditioning. If there is something like squeal, then for air conditioning repair, it is time for   you to replace it. If the sounds getting louder before you change it. It may be a must for you to prepare some big money. Since it means that the damage has been severe.

For air conditioning repair of problem like leak refrigerant, you cannot stay idle or do nothing. Since the side effect will reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning and will harm the environment nearby. Not only it is necessary for you to charge the system again. You should also alter its tubing to prevent getting bigger leak damage.

Tools for Air Conditioning Repair

Having tools of air conditioning repair is suggested so that any time your air conditioning does not work well. You need not to be confused to borrow from your neighbor or your friends. Whether in the middle of the night, or winter which may lock you up at house.

It will become so handy for you. Since you already invested money just to face such conditions you want to avoid the most. Here are the tools you need for air conditioning repair. Needle-nose pliers, nut driver, socket/ratchet set, voltage tester, a multi-meter, adjustable wrench, drill/driver – cordless, and insulated screwdriver.

Materials for Air Conditioning Repair

Here’s a list of materials you might need for air conditioning repair which will be different accordingly with the type of your air conditioning problems; condenser fan motor, contactor, fuses, capacitor and compressed air.

Air Conditioning Repair

3 Things Considering To Stop Air Conditioning Repairs

12.-air-conditioning-repairs-1 AIR CONDITIONING REPAIR

Air Conditioning Repairs

Every homeowner maybe ever did air conditioning repairs. It happens when you find any trouble in your air conditioner. There are several signs you need to recognise when you need air conditioning repairs. So that, you know the exact times to call the technicians. Also, you will not get late repair which make the unit become more broken.

First, you may hear the unit is running, but you don’t feel the cool air at all. Second, you hear the noisy sound from your air conditioner which is not like before. Third, you smell bad odors in the air. Forth, you guess any short circuit in your air conditioning system. Fifth, you recognize there is leakage in the unit.

However, you may wonder when you need to stop air conditioning repairs. It happens for some homeowners who have used air conditioner for many years. You need to recognize when you need to replace your air conditioner with the new one. Especially for some people who will retire soon. Knowing that they will get no salary anymore.

Stopping the Air conditioning repairs

Consider The Ages Of AC Units Before Air Conditioning Repairs

Every electronic has its own lifespan. It is the same with air conditioner (AC). Lifespan of air conditioner is 10 – 15 years. Generally, after 15 years, air conditioner cannot work properly like before. You need to realize to replace air conditioner units than keep doing air conditioning repairs.

Consider The High Cost Of Air Conditioning Repairs

Air conditioning repairs has different service cost. For general repair, usually you will spend around $163 – $520. That is for average service cost. The low end cost is around $75 and the high end cost is $1,100.
There are several common AC repair. If any leakage the refrigerant, it will spend around $225-$1600 and recharge the refrigerant is $160-$400. For A/C compressor usually spend $100-$250. If there is any short circuit, it needs to replace the fuses. It spends $15-$300.

The replacements of components spend various costs. The replacement of thermostat is $60-$250, circuit board is $120-$600, condensate pump is $90-$250, evaporator coil is $650-$1200, capacitor or contactor is $90-$400, condensing unit fan motor is $100-$300, and home air compressor is $1350-$1800 based on size and type.
Usually, the technician will check the trouble of air conditioner. After that, he will estimate the service cost. If the technician tells you that your air conditioner spends more than high end cost, the trouble of your air conditioner maybe bigger than general repair. Replace your air conditioner is not always bad idea.

Consider The Frequency Of Trouble Before Air Conditioning Repairs

It is annoying if your air conditioner keeps acting up many times. Even you count many troubles in short term. You will not spend your time by calling technician always. You cannot even have cool air during summer by just waiting until your air conditioner is running properly. It is wasting the time. Definitely, it is wasting your money. So that, consider replacing your air conditioner.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Several Causes Which Make You Need Air Conditioner Repair

15.-air-conditioner-repair-1 AIR CONDITIONING REPAIR

Air Conditioner Repair

Does your air conditioner in your room not stay cool enough for comfort? Do you think you need air conditioner repair? It maybe happens for several causes. Absolutely you need air conditioner repair.

There are many parts of your air conditioner system that require care. When they breakdown or are not working at maximum efficiency, air conditioner repair is needed to run as soon as possible.

There are several causes which make you need air conditioner repair

  1. Lack of maintenance

This is one of common reason why people need air conditioner repair. Commonly, you always forget to switch off the AC when you go outside or let the AC on for long time. It maybe causes the problem in long term. In the other side, you maybe forget to clean or change the filter regularly. It is very crucial to change it at a minimum once every three months and as often as once a month if your system is running all the time.

It may be end with several air conditioner services or change the air conditioning system. The issues will be accumulated and it impact with the efficiency of operation system.

  1. Component failure

You will find your AC doesn’t work well. There is possibility that the machine wear out or some other important components are broken. It causes the failure of machine.

  1. Thermostat problems

There are some problems about thermostat which leads to air conditioner repair. First, it happens because you set your thermostat too low. Second, your thermostat is poorly positioned. Especially if you’re away during the day, you may not realize your system is working overtime due to a misplaced thermostat.

There are some problems about thermostat which leads to air conditioner repair. First, it happens because you set your thermostat too low. Second, your thermostat is poorly positioned. Especially if you’re away during the day, you may not realize your system is working overtime due to a misplaced thermostat. Third, the battery is dead already or something wrong with the calibration. Those are the problems which may happen in thermostat. Remember the last time you change the batteries.

  1. Condenser problems

There are several problems which are related to condenser which cause air conditioner repair. First is power supply issue. Usually, there is faulty or dead of the wiring inside the unit such as motors and the compressor. In the other hand, there is short circuit with the electrical. Second, the condenser unit is stuck by debris. Commonly, the place of condenser is outside your house. Lots of debris such as grass, leaves, dust and others may be stuck inside the unit.

Make sure the location of outdoor is placed correctly. Get rid of any obstruction in front of the unit and keep areas of the outdoor unit is clean. Third is leaking coolant. Check the pipes or coils for leakage. The performance of the system is affected by any leakage. Call the professional to do air conditioner repair as soon as possible.

Air Conditioner Repair

Three Common Problems of Car AC and How to AC Repair it


AC Repair

One of the forms of comfort when people was in the car is due to the supportive weather there, like by taking the advantage of using car AC. But unfortunately, it is not always being good in every situation. Sometime it is appair some problems so it distrurb you to enjoy driving in your car.

The problems on AC is not cold is every often happend. While the owner often do not know what is the cause. Whereas, the car AC is very important to use, especially in the afternoon when it is hot in hot condition. So, soon after that they need to call the expert of AC repair to fix thats problem.

Actually, there are some tips before calling the expert for having AC repair. In this case, you can check it first to make sure what problems was actually committed. If it is easy, so you do not need to call the expert to fix your AC.

So it means that you are economize your budget to the the other needed. Thus, it is better to you to check the components of AC whenever it is not going to cold.

Tips On AC Repair That You Can Do By Yourself

There are some common problems and the tips on AC repair that you can do by yourself:

  1. AC was in “on” condition but it is not going to cold

This problem is very often to happen. If you are committed problem like this, so there are some possibilities of the cause why it is happen, like compressor’s problem, fuse, gaged on filter dryer, and evaporator. If the problems is on compressor (old) so you can replace it with a new one.

You can also check on the use of the fuse. If there is a leak on the refrigerant, so you can fix the leak location. Besides that, the simple way on AC repair you can clean the dirty on the evaporator.

  1. Car AC is less cold

If it is happen in your car, the possibilies problems are usually liquifier, thermostat, condensor, and evaporator. Those components are usually committed a leak. So, the first tips that you can do for AC repair is checking on the thermosthat in its stelat whenever it still well function or not. Then, check also in its condenser whenever its cover by dirt or not.

  1. Malfunction of condenser fan

If the condenser fan does not well function, it will allow your car AC being not cold. So, the first tips on AC repair here is checking of the fuse, cable, electric blower connector socket cable. In this case, you must check it one by one. Then, if you found that those parts were being worn out so you can replace it with the new one.

Thats all, some common problems on car AC that usually happend. You can learn from other experiences like this and do AC repair by yourself, so you have no need to be tired to call the expert to fix it. You can also economize your budget because you can do an AC repair by your self and save your money to the other needed.

Start from now, lets being smart and creative to face problems close with our life.(Eza)

AC Repair

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