What Is An Hvac Technician Sugestion For Having Long Last Home Air Conditioner?

53.-what-is-an-hvac-technician WHAT IS AN HVAC TECHNICIAN

What is an HVAC Technician

Having a long last air conditioner is one of consumer’s whises. Unfortunately, not everyone could not obtain what they have being expected. So that is why, the HVAC technician usually has some suggestion to get you a long last air conditioner at home. For that, what is an hvac technician sugestion for you? Bellows are the explanation for it:

What is an HVAC Technician suggestion?

  1. Clean the filter

The first what is an hvac technician suggest for you is cleaning the air conditioner filter. As we know, that air conditioner working system is by sucking the air around the system environment, so it will allow the dirt sticking in the filter. Therefore, you need to clean this filter in order to make the air conditioner working effectively.

Besides that, what is an hvac technician suggests for cleaning the filter is by opening the air conditioner indoor air cover where the air conditioner is placed there. in this case, you can take over the filter, then clean it by using water.

  1. Close the window and the door while the air conditioner is in “on” condition

As we know that AC is only used in the closed room. so, closing the window or ventilation, also the door is one of what is an hvac technician suggest for you. By allowing this tips, it could make your room being faster to be cold because the compressor does not working harder. Besides that, what is an hvac technician suggest here can also be used to make the compressor becoming long last.

  1. Having a regular service

Doing a regular service is also what is an hvac technician usually suggest to you. In this case, they usually suggest to clean the body of the air conditioner both of the inside and outside. Actually, you can do it by yourself. but if you are afraid for doing any mistake. Then it is better for you to call the technician to overcome this problem.

  1. Avoid smooking on the room

what is an hvac technician has suggest here is not only important toward the AC performance, but also for your health condition. As we know that smoke is a such of dirt, then if you are smooking there it will allow your AC is easier becoming dirt.

The most visible dirt here is in the body of air conditioner. By smoke, your air conditioner body will be easier for being dirt, especially on the outdoor air conditioner body. besides that, those smoke can also settle in liquefier. This condition will allow you to get unhealthy body condition because of that. So that’s why, the HVAC technician suggest you to do not have any smoke around the room.

  1. Turn off the AC whenever it does not use anymore

If you have  long trip, then it is better for you to turn your AC off for it. What is an hvac technician has suggested here can avoid the unstable electricity starins happen for you

That’s all about what is an hvac technician has suggest for air conditioner home owner. By followowing those steps, may you can be more enjoy to have an air conditioner in your home.

What Is An Hvac Technician

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Smart Tips on Maintaining and Avoiding to Invite HVAC Technician


HVAC Technician

HVAC is the abbreviation of Heat, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning. It is used to control the room where its work. Besides that, it is also used to manage humidity around there. So thats why, the used of HVAC in building now become such dependence thing for people. Nevertheles, most of people don’t know well the system, so they usually need the HVAC technician to have its maintaining or service.

As we know, that maintaining something is better than having a fixing, because it can avoid the thing become damage. As well as HVAC, we need to maintain it to avoid inviting HVAC technician to fix the problem. In this case, there are some ways on having HVAC maintaining. For that, we will give you some tips that you can do before deciding to invite HVAC technician going to your home.

Kind of Component supporting HVAC technician

Before knowing the tips to barrier calling on HVAC technician, it is better for you to know what kind of components that support on HVAC system. This components is used to function HVAC system working well. For that, belows are the components on HVAC system and its function:

  1. Pre-filter: is used for air filter which will be blew into blower unit.
  2. Main filter: is used to filter the air densely rather than pre-filter.
  3. Blower: is used to absorb the air so effect on the pressure differentiation.
  4. Main monitor: is used to turn the blower.
  5. Differential pressure: is used to know air pressure differentiation before and after passing the the filter.
  6. Ducting: a unit to blow the air which is absorb from the room to blower then re-blow the air on the production room.
  7. Diffuser gill: is used to make the air going from ducting can be blew in all the purpose.

Then, after knowing the HVAC components, it turn on how to main your HVAC system. In general, there are three ways on maintaining HVAC system. It is divided into three steps, those are monthly service, replacing filter in every sixth month, and replacing on main filter in each twelfth month.

Actually, it can be done by yourself rather than calling the HVAC technician. Besides it can avoid to pay the cost, but it is good also to know well about HVAC system simple repair. Bellows the things that you can do in those steps:

  1. Monthly service

In this case, you should check both of the pre-filter and main filter. If it is going to be dirth, then you must clean it by using vaccum cleaner. But if it has been damage, so you must replace it with the new one. Simple service rather than inviting the HVAC technician, right?

  1. Replacing filter in every sixth month and in each twelve month

Those ways is same, but the differences is on the time only. Something that you can do here is replacing the pre-filter and or main filter in the precise time. But, if you can’t do it by yourself, then it is better for you to invite the HVAC technician to avoid hard problem.

Those are some tips on maintaining and avoiding to invite HVAC technician for you. Although it is simple, but it is no matter if you want to invite HVAC technician to avoid the harder problems on it.

HVAC Technician

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The Best Way on How to Have a Home Air Conditioning Repair by Self

51.-home-air-conditioning-repair HOME AIR CONDITIONING REPAIR

Home Air Conditioning Repair

AC (Air Conditioning) become popular to used right now. The used of AC itself is cooling the room that can be manage its temperature as well as we need. But the problem arise when AC doesn’t work as its function. The most usual problem which usually happen for home air conditioning is that the room doesn’t cool while the AC system is running well. Actually, the best solution is don’t be panic. Because ther are some tips on how to have a home air conditioning repair, before inviting the technician. For that, bellows are some tips for you:

The Best Tips of Home Air Conditioning Repair

  1. Check the control remote setting

In this case, you must check wether the control remote setting is in correct setting or not. The first tips that you must do for home air conditioning repair here, is by checking on the mode button. To set the air bellows, the mode on control remote must be in (cool) or (auto) setting. Make sure also that it is not in (an) mode, because this mode can’t blow a cool air, it is only blow the air, which come from the blower.

  1. Unworking compressor

If this problems arise, so the sign is that the compressor doesn’t work, because only outdoor fan which is turning. In this case there are to ways on home air conditioning repair, those are checking on electric flow or refrigerant pressure in the duct.

  1. The compressor is normal, but outdoor fan doesn’t work

There are three ways to have home air conditioning repair like this, those are:

  • Check on motor fan bearing wether fast turning or not.
  • Check on the outdoor fan capasitor wether still in good condition or not.
  • If there is no problem on those components above, so the other problem is maybe is on its inside fan motor, just like breaking or burning on its winding.
  1. Outdoor fan or its capasitor does not work

This kind of problem is usually happend also, so the tips for having a home air conditioning repair are as following bellows:

  1. The outdoor fan or compressor usually need for about three minutes after indoor has been “on” to have an operation.
  2. Check on this thermistor.
  3. Re-check on remote control setting mode.
  4. Check electricity connection that connect indoor and outdoor.
  5. Checking on the napple wether

The fifth tips on home air conditioning repair is by checking on the napple wether there is a fog or not. It is used to check wether there is any leak on the system or not.

  1. AC is working normally, but the room does not cool much

The tips to fix this problem are as follows:

  • The first thing you should do for home air conditioning repair here is by checking on the electricity flow and refrigerant pressure is in standard or not.
  • Check on its system pressure by using charging manifold wether the pressure is appropriate or not.

Those are the tips to have a self AC repairing fo you. Don’t let yourself to spend much money to pay home air conditioning repair if you can do it by yourself.

Home Air Conditioning Repair

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Tips on Determining the Best HVAC Schools for Your Future

Nowadayas, there are many vocational schools that provide many chances for you, to have related skill that you want. Those schools surely have their own policy, rules, and quality. So, you must pay attention and carefully determine the best skill school that you will join with them. As well as the other skill school, this way is used also in determining the best HVAC schools.

50.-hvac-schools THE BEST HVAC SCHOOLS

HVAC Schools

As we know, HVAC schools is a skill school that offer many programs related to HVAC, electrician, and the other programs which related to this kind of skill for their students. In this case, the school provides students for being a HVAC technician for their job next. So, they are not only need to teach students by giving knowledge but also skills on how for being HVAC technician.

As we know that nowdays some poeple adeclared that they are wrong to choose the best school for their education, whereas they have studied there for long time. So it is being such unfortune condition for them. For that, you must pay attention on some relavant consideration in order to join in the expected HVAC schools. So, don’t let yourself to stay on wrong environment that you don’t expected.

Several Tips On Determining the Best HVAC Schools

As well as the tips on choosing the best school, determining on the best HVAC schools can be as following bellows:

  1. Choose the school which has a good reputation

A good reputation on HVAC schools is not only good in its name, but also in its quality. The way on how you can measure the quality of the is by finding the review on it. you can as to your friend, or other students who have already studied in that school in order to know what is the best and lack of that school.

  1. Choose the HVAC schools which teach you the skill, not only knowledge

This determination is important to do. You must remember that something you need in the job environment is not only knowledge related to what you do, because the most important one is your skill. It is nonse if you only count on your knowledge without having a good practice on it.

In this case, both of knowledge and practice should run together. If it missed one of them, so the result will be unperfect. Be related to this situation, you must choose the HVAC schools which teach you both of the knowledge and the skill also.

  1. Make sure yourself that you are interested to study in that school

The last point on how to determine the best HVAC schools is by making sure that you are interested in those kind of the skill. this is important, because most of people will do et al in learning because they have higher desire to know about it. So, in whatever schools they study, they will always enjoy and comfort to learn there.

So, the process on getting knowledge and skill there will be fine. Thats all about the tips on how to determine the best HVAC schools for you. The one that you must remember that knowledge only is not enough to do the job. Because you need a skill also.

HVAC Schools

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Check It First, Before Deciding on Having an AC Replacement !

Nowadays, the use of AC in our daily life become a habit which can not be separated. As we know that AC can make us comfortable in whatever situation outside the room. It is because by using AC, we can manage the temperature there as well as we expected.


AC Replacement

Although it is getting closer with us now, but most of people only can use it in normal. It means that most of them do not know what actually was happen whenever there is something trouble in it, so there are only two possibilities in their mind, those are the AC is broken or getting a problems. In short, they need to have an AC replacement and getting for the new one.

The problems appear in AC not always being hard. Sometime, it only has some errors on some units that actually can be fix by simple service. So, checking it first or getting the service by the technician is better before before deciding on having an AC replacement. By avoiding on having an AC replacement, it means that we make thrifty our budget. We can imagine how much money to spend to buy, while you don’t need to do it.

For that, before deciding on having an AC replacement, it is better for us to know the working system on AC. Because by that, we will find to know what are the components there and finding what make it getting trouble. For that, bellows are the explanation:

Tips to do Before Deciding Having AC Replacement

AC working system

The first tips before deciding on AC replacement  is by knowing its working system. AC can be cold because there is transformation of freon from liquid becoming gas. In this case, freon which has been transformed, become gas and flowing into evaporator that absorb the heat in the vicinity.

In order to be transformed, the freon must be pressurized by the compressor which is regulated by the expansion valve.  Then, if it has been being gas, the valve will drain the refrigerant to the evaporator. By knowing the AC working system it will ease you to know what should be check before deciding on the AC replacement.

AC components

The knowledge about AC components is important also to have a simple service before deciding on having AC replacement. Bellows are Ac components and the trouble which usually happend:

  • Compressor

Problem: leak and slower compressor because of long used

  • Liquifier

Problem: leaking

  • Fan liquifier

Function: flow the air in order to cold of the heat freon

Problem: can’t turn or slow turning

  • Dryer

Fuction: as the filter

Problem: plugging

Function: transforming freon from liquid to gas

Problem: leaking or plugging

  • Evaporator

Function: as mediator between freon and air

Problem: leaking

  • High duct pressure

Function: freon distributor among compressor, liquifier, dryer, and expansion valve

Problem: leaking

  • Low duct pressure

Problem: leaking

                Those are some components in AC. You can check these all whenever it has getting trouble on your AC. So, you shouldn’t have an AC replacement by buying for the new one.

AC Replacement

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